Funds Available for an NGO in Bangalore

by ChandniP on Feb 03, 2012      Category: Tags: npsbm

Mail me at chandni_parekh at if your NGO would like to apply for the funds. - Chandni

From SR
Feb 1, 2012
Subject: Funding for Blore NGOs

Hi Chandni,

If you'd like to spread the word, I'd prefer it if you kept my name and contact details out of it and then forward responses to me.


There is an MNC with an office in Bangalore.

Their CSR/ community service team in Bangalore is trying to identify

an NGO to whom they can give some money before March 2012 (I think

they want to make all their monetary donations before the end of the

financial year 2011).


Please get in touch with me if your NGO/ you know an NGO that needs

some funding. I'll give you details about and connect you with the


This is the request they've made :


- they want a list of NGOs they can check out and possibly collaborate

with in the below-mentioned capacities

- an NGO with whom they can host an 'Annual Day' with sports, fun

activities and competitions for 1 day per year (hence this rules out

NGOs who do advocacy and who don't have any children/ aged/ disabled/

women/ etc); the day may also include awareness or educational or

empowerment activities; the MNC will obviously sponsor and organize

this 'annual day'

- hence, the NGO needs to be working directly with children or women

or aged or disabled, etc

- an NGO with whom every company employee in Bangalore can volunteer/

donate 1 day per year to do some volunteer work with the NGO

- an NGO with whom over time they can develop a partnership and to

whom once every year they can donate money (this they will do only

after some due diligence, which they hope to accomplish after the

Annual Day event that they want to do with the NGO);

using their due diligence they are also going to make an assessment/

evaluation of the "quality" of the NGO's work and its "social impact"

I would be grateful if you could get in touch with me if you know of

anyone with the above description needing money.



Thank you.

Warm Regards,

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Is it possible to fund a NGO based in West Bengal, working with the children from the closed (fallout) tea gardens of Dooars & Terai region of the state.


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