Fw: Campaign against Vedanta's new ads - Vedanta's Truth: Forced evictions in Orissa, India

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Those loving Vedanta's new commercial should watch this - Vedanta's Truth -  Forced evictions in Orissa, India -  - http://goo.gl/CVJR3




Truth Vs Projected Truth 

an Opinion- Gaurav Chhabra 'karma'

VEDANTA - The infamous mining giant has been making some great efforts to occupy minds of urban middle class. Last year my mom rang up.. and asked me to check out this 'recruitment ad' that matches my work profile. It was Vedanta's CSR initiatives. At that time i just laughed it out and explained mom, what shit this Vedanta is.
Now the 'BINNO' commercial on air is doing its job well to brain wash urban viewer's minds. 
In today's times when much of media is sold out to corporates, the only voices that show the truth of malpractices of such mining giants are activists and documentary filmmakers. Vedanta's strategy to organize a film competition on their 'community initiatives' is such a fool proof masking of their real face. By organizing such a film competition and sponsoring 114 students from top media and film schools in the country including FTII, Whistling Woods, Symbiosis, School of Convergence, MGR FTI, IIMC, Assam University, Xavier’s, Christ University, AAFT, ZIMA, Tezpur University, IP College and Ravenshaw to produce films on itself...Vedanta knows how to make opinions about itself and how to control the 'could be' voices of future.

With jury panel consisting of Shyam Benegal and Gul Panag , Vedanta has made sure that all these appear as socially conscious films and activist's voice. (These two could be bit more responsible and do atleast a bit research before agreeing to become jury) 

Great marketing strategy by Piyush Pandey of O&M.. this is exactly how to fool foolish people into singing to their tunes! 

Creating Happiness is the Projected truth of Vedanata...real truth is >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdCbRhPMAYM 

Do share with all !!


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