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We all want to be remembered - remembered for who we are, what we've accomplished and the difference we've made. One way to make a difference is by donating organs. Organ donation is a wonderful legacy we can leave behind. Donating our organs after we are gone is the closest we can come to giving life to another individual. It is possible for a single donor to donate organs and tissues that may help as many as 50 recipients.

Organ Transplantation is a boon to medical industry as it has helped in saving the lives of those who would have died otherwise.  But its power to save lives depends directly on the availability of organs. Ironically, the increasing success rate of organ transplant procedures is one reason that organ transplant waiting lists have risen so dramatically. A huge gap exists between patients who need organ transplants and potential donors. Such shortage of organs has led to illegal practices of organ trade in our country. It’s not that there aren’t enough organs to transplant.  Nearly, every person who dies naturally, or in an accident, is a potential donor.  Even so, innumerable patients cannot find a donor.  However raising awareness about organ donation about is a slow process, and the need for more organs is immediate. Possibly, if our nation was more aware of this growing issue, there would not be so many concerns regarding this topic.

There may be a few people in our country who would want to support this cause but would not know how to do it.  Also, there are only a bunch of NGO’s who create awareness about this issue.  Besides, there are a lot of misconceptions in the minds of people regarding organ donation.  Many of them in our country believe that their religion does not permit organ donation or for that matter their bodies will be disfigured after death if they wish to donate their organs.

There is a simple way to pledge for organ donation.  Please talk to your family about your wishes to be an organ and/or tissue donor.  People can also register themselves online on various organizations who promote organ donation like 

Let’s realize the need for donating organs and save lives.  We have the power to give someone a second chance.  We have the power to give someone a tomorrow.  We have the power to play God and give someone the gift of life.  Let’s save someone’s life

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