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In a recent report released by the Charities Aid Foundation, India scores a lowly 134 on a World Giving Index covering 153 countries. This begs the question on whether India is really a giving country.

The Charities Aid Foundation has come out with a report called the World Giving Report. It is one of the largest projects covering 95% of the world’s population in 153 countries and is based on an ongoing survey by Gallup and studies how charitable behaviour differs in each country. To ensure that the wealthiest nations do not appear most charitable it combines measures of giving of money and time. Understanding the level of giving in a country is most important since – “The level of giving in a country indicates something about the strength of civil society – the extent to which individuals are willing and able to contribute towards addressing the needs of others both in their own localities and across borders.”

Individuals were asked which of the following three charitable acts of giving they had undertaken in the last month:

  • donated money to an organisation?
  • volunteered time to an organisation?
  • helped a stranger, or someone they didn’t know who needed help?
The results across the world’s population showed that:
  • 30% had donated money
  • 20% had volunteered time
  • 45% had helped a stranger in some form or the other
Australia and New Zealand are the most “giving countries” with a World Giving Index score of 57% (which is calculated as an average of the above 3). They are followed by Ireland and Canada with 56% each. India is ranked 134 with a score of 19%.
Malta with 85% of the population giving money topped the charts on money donated followed by Netherlands (77%), UK and Thailand (73% each). India with 14% of the population giving money last month languishes at rank 123.
When it comes to volunteering time, Turkmenistan tops the charts with 61% of the population giving time. This is followed by Sri Lanka (52%) and Central African Republic (47%). India with 12% of the population giving time is at rank 113.
76% of the populace in Liberia has helped strangers last month. They are followed by Sierra Leone (75%) and Sudan (69%). Once again out here, India with 30% is at rank 134.
Even when we compare India with its neighbours , its only better than Pakistan and Bangladesh, our erstwhile states. Sri Lanka on the other hand has done extremely well on all 3 fronts (58%, 52% and 50%) and ranks very high at number 8 on the World Giving Index. This really begs the question on whether India is a giving country or has ever been!!!

While the rest of the world showed a marked ability to give with age, in Southern Asia, giving seems to peak in the 35-49 age group. This suggests that people are more likely to give at the peak of their careers rather than when they are retiring as they save up for their old age in countries which lack sufficient social welfare measures. However volunteering time peaked in the >=50 age group as they would tend to have more time in retirement. But quite interesting helping a stranger was most prevalent once again in the 35-49 age group.
Again while its fairly normal that most of the money will be donated by males as opposed to females in largely patriarchal societies of South Asia, what was very interesting was that males scored over females in the volunteering time as well as helping strangers.
Do you believe India is a giving country? In your opinion what % of people give time and money and how much time and money (as % of your income) do you think they give?


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Considering the extreme differences in India-from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor, in such close proximity on a day to day level, these results really are telling...its time to change, time to act!

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