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We at GiveIndia are extremely pleased and proud to partner with India’s largest selling news paper The Times of India and JP Morgan, the esteemed financial firm, as they roll out their first Times Social Impact Awards. 

Times of India recognizes the wide disparity which permeates the fabric of Indian society, and wishes to applaud and encourage those people and organizations who have pulled up their sleeves and are actively participating to erase the blemishes that blot the face of our nation. 

Awards are going to be given in 5 spheres: Education, Healthcare, Livelihood, Environment and Advocacy/Empowerment.

There are 3 awards in each sphere:
•    a non-governmental organization (NGO);
•    a corporate-backed organization; and
•    a government body at the state or district level.

In addition a Lifetime Achievement Award and Global Impact Award will also be conferred. You can apply/nominate any of the above at http://timessocialawards.com

In short there are problems.  Problems of various kinds; big and small relating to poverty, inequity women’s issues, illiteracy, disease, unemployment and a thousand other more problems.   And then there are two types of people a) Who sit, watch and whine. b) Who assess, act and address the issue.  So which group of people would be more beneficial to society? From which it follows, which group should be recognized, applauded and encouraged to perpetuate the work they do?  At GiveIndia the obvious answer to us is (as we are guessing it would be for you) group b. And the Times group does not just pick the right answer; but they are also going to recognize, applaud, and encourage the foot soldiers of change through the Times of India Social Impact Awards.    

The Times of India Social Impact Awards will be handed over to those organizations that have been creating long term impact in India. GiveIndia, Dasra and Guidestar India are process partners who are helping TOI in the initial shortlisting process. We feel that these awards will surely encourage and generate more interest in the work of “nation changing” which these people and organizations have taken upon themselves to do.

If you know of any NGO, corporate body or govt agency doing great work do go ahead and nominate them for these awards.


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