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Today we bring to you an interesting conundrum. Thanks to one of our regular blog contributors, Sriram Hariharan, we bring to you a philanthropic crossword to tease your brain cells this upcoming weekend. The first 3 all-correct entries will receive donation vouchers of Rs. 1,000 each to use on the GiveIndia site. In addition the first 10 all-correct entries will also receive a book (The Power of Half) about a family who have given away 50% of their wealth towards charitable causes in a joint decision. Please send in your answers to rakhee@giveindia.org.

    1    Did he beat a MBA to work for leprosy affected people in Maharashtra? (4,4)
    5    Anu, businesswoman & philanthropist from Pune, also a Board member of GiveIndia (3)
    8    Eminent Historian, Lord Rama's friend (4)
    9    This family has setup one of India's largest charitable trusts (4)
    11    Pakistani cricketer who built the nation's first cancer hospital (5,4)
    13    Government law supposed to provide free and compulsory school education (1,1,1)
    14    He has pledged to give 99% of his wealth (6,7)
    16    Organization trying to save a central Indian river (1,1,1)
    17    Co-founder of "The Giving Pledge" (4,5)
    20    "Be the change you want to see in the world." Who said this? (6)
    21    When it comes to giving this, rich and poor are equal (6)
    23    Candles for a cause (5)
    24    Early to bed, Early to rise makes a person, _______(y), Wealthy and Wise? (6)
    25    If you are organizing a dinner for fund raiser, make sure you have a great .... (4)
    26    From vegetable oils to IT to Education (4,6)

    2    Chennai based foundation working to extend life beyond death (5)
    3    Some NGOs are about Advocacy, some are about Implementation, others create ......... (9)
    4    Can someone distribute the rotten wheat in FCI warehouse to reduce this? (10)
    5    Dark Continent that deserves social support (6)
    6    "One who dies rich dies disgraced." Who said this? (6, 8)
    7    You (5)
    10    NGOs don't exist for the purpose of ...…  (6)
    12    Food Goddess restaurant in Singapore - Pay as much as you want (11)
    15    Easy way to know what the government is doing (1,1,1)
    18    Organization behind Eureka schools (3)
    19    What you can give can only be given by your family (3)
    22    Their 108 vehicles have a right of way on the road (1,1,1,1)

Do let us know if you found this tough, easy or just about right? Would you like to see more such games and trivia featured on the GiveIndia blog?


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