Got a good idea? Now let's get innovative about selling it

by prateek on Feb 05, 2008      Category: Appropriate Technology Tags: india technology innovation

IIMA professor Anil Gupta's Honey Bee Network identifies individual innovators, provides them financial and technical assistance, helps them file for patents and devises models for self-sustenance.

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I like lurking in the dark alleys of the web and bragging about my latest finds. I believe that technology has the power to bring positive social change and am excited about discovering new ways to use the web for a public movement. In the past, I have volunteered for a number of non-profit more



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Hey this is a great story. Their website is very much impressive.

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Patenting is a western practice and I am against that. Yoga postures, haldi, neem many things are patented, we dont know how far these patents madness would go. I believe Knowledge is eternal, it is like the water that flows. It should not be stopped by the interest of few. For every new creation, innovation, design, etc., I am also accountable to all those who have contributed for my thinking and knowledge, both living and non-living things in the universe.
We should recognize ones contribution but we dont have the right to patent any knowledge. Please see my website to understand why I am against patents.

Against Patents

I have declared all my innovations as Creative Commons.

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Against Patents

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