Hans Rosling: Watch the end of poverty (2007 Tedtalk)

by ameetdesh on Sep 15, 2007      Category: Economics & Business Tags: economics video tedtalk

In a follow-up to his now-legendary TED2006 presentation, Hans Rosling demonstrates how developing countries are pulling themselves out of poverty. He shows us the next generation of his Trendalyzer software -- which analyzes and displays data in amazingly accessible ways, allowing people to see patterns previously hidden behind mountains of stats. (Ten days later, he announced a deal with Google to acquire the software.) He also demos Dollar Street, a program that lets you peer in the windows of typical families worldwide living at different income levels. Be sure to watch straight through to the (literally) jaw-dropping finale.

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I wonder if something similar has been done to visualize the poverty diversity in each country? How many rich people, how many poor people, etc.

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Income level distribution charts. Found this on gapminder itself.
Note that China has a curve of different shape than everybody else. And Russia has a a-bit-too-perfect bell curve till 1990.

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Do the numbers at http://www.gapminder.org/... factor in inflation? If not, the curves may not make any sense...


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