Have excess clothes that you can donate? Contact R K Foundation

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One of the finer places to donate clothes is RK Foundation. They sort the clothes, repair them if need be and then distribute to the beneficiaries (check the website for the same).
R K Foundation
Address : No 2 New Raja Building , 2nd Floor , N R Road, Bangalore-560002
Phone Number : Landline : 080-65594809


How to reache there:
Town Hall near Hudson circle is the landark.When we go on the road which towards City Market from Town Hall(NR Road), we come accross a Kamat Hotel on the left hand side.There is also an Andhra Bank in the same building.RKF is in the same building.
Contact Person :
Miss. Sumathi Rangachar - 98454 53403
website: www.rkfoundation.org
email: info@rkfoundation.org
Good For : Donation of clothes, Runs a clothes bank, food bank and Medicine bank
Other works: Actively involves in rural education program, city based orphanages and old age homes,Wheelchair donation programs.
Need: Clothes, Volunteers for Rural schools.

Vastra - The Clothes Bank 

Vastra - The Clothes Bank - was conceived from the desire to ensure that the needy have both.

Set up by the R.K. Foundation, Vastra provides both new and used clothing to people living in poverty, making no distinction of age, gender, race, colour, religion, ability or nation of origin.

In order to do this effectively, Vastra partners with other non-profit organisations working in the areas of health, education, human care and other services.

Our Mission :

We source and provide clothing to the needy, to help them live with dignity.


Vastra - You can help  

Donate ...

  *  Used or surplus clothing
  *  Used clothes of which you have grown tired
  *  Used clothes your children have outgrown
  *  New clothes

We take in :
All kinds of clothes for men, women and children of all ages and sizes - trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts, T-Shirts, Shirts, sarees, salwar-kameezes, diapers, towels, bedsheets...

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Interested in the development sector and hoping to use the skills to create a positive impact......read more



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It came to my notice that there are business people who would give money for old clothes. I have the number of one such person. I had given a set of clothes to this boy who came to my room seeking old clothes for a NGO - Karunalaya. I saw his ID and had very few clothes to give. I gave him my card so that they can contact for a collection drive. Instead got a call from this business guy. I wonder if that boy went and sold all the clothes. This vendor is buying the excess clothes for collections done for Bihar. I am afraid some people might use it wrongly and instead giving clothes to beneficiaries they may sell them off. Kindly check who you deal with in this regard. A good lesson learnt! :)

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can you tell me about similar organisation in hyderabad.

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You can contact Goonj. Goonj is one of the most well known NGOs working mainly on cloth collection, segregation and distribution. You can contact Goonj Hyderabad at Ms. Nitu Narula Tel.- 9908607775, Email- nitu.dhasmana@gmail.com

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Goonj in Blr does not have an office but you can get in touch with volunteers -


Coodrinating Volunteers

A. Smitha Anand (9986213181)
Res. Address: House No 326, Ground Floor, 2nd Cross, 22nd Main, BTM 2nd Stage Bangalore - 560068 (Best time to contact: Working days: Anytime Weekends: Anytime)

B. Srividya (9886831028)
Res. Address: No: 516, Third Stage, First Block, Basaveshwaranagar Bangalore: 560079 (Best time to contact: Working days: After 7:30 pm Weekends: Anytime)

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I have lots of clothes which are undersize but in good condition and woul like to give them away for charity. Do you have home collection facility ? I stay in BSK 3rd Stage.

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Get in touch with Goonj volunteers. They now have many more pick up points.

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we can pick up pls email and provide ur phone number to mswarup@deloitte.com

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there is a misunderstanding.my email got posted by mistake.i was actually trying to drop off a donation myself.

pls visit www.goonj.org site.the list and contacts for all collection centers are given.thanks

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I want used baby girl clothes I want to give for charity to the Church in Uttarahalli, and I need for myself as I have many grandchildren who are unable to buy very expensive clothes I am a senior citizen and also have lots of financial problems
9448107246 Contact

My husband and me are not working, I take tuitions with which we survive.
Please help me

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Goonj does have a office in Bangalore. Their collection center is at Electronic City. Please contact Mr. Sushil Mishra Goonj official co-ordinator in Bangalore: 9663798026.

And yes, Smitha Anand and Srividya are also coordinating volunteers.

Their official website www.goonj.org

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Hi, I want to donate some of my clothes. Please let me know someone can pick them up from my home at kormangala.

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Why don't u get in touch with Goonj or RKF. If the quantity of clothes is not much you can help organize in your apartment and it would make sense for them to send transport. If you don't I think we can help connect to some volunteer - iVolunteer's office is in Kormangala.

A.Motilal Sarab's picture

dear please contact me my no- 09342727322.
am ready to donate my clothes.

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Where are you from Sarab? You should call up goonj volunteers in your city -

Their official website www.goonj.org

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I also want to donate my used clothes, I contacted RK as wel as goonj but everyone wants to go there centre and dontate clothes
I am searching some non-lazy good NGO who can collect the clothes from my home.
I know same thing apply to me also (for lazyness :)) but I am really busy nowdays.


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As Girish Kumar pointed out, these NGO folks are lazier than us. I tried reaching out to Bangalore numbers, either they dont pick up or else, they say they are busy. I dont know what NGO work they do.

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Please do contact me on this number 9880561561.

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Hi Everyone

Do any one of you any organization in Bangalore which accepts surplus food from corporate cafeterias to feed the hungry people?

If yes, please do let me know.


mynk's picture

Not any that I know of. Most caterers give it to some org or the staff itself is what I am told. Need to check.

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Hey please tell me, is RK Foundation a genuine org, i need to donate some of my old & unused clothes... Please help.

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Yes. You can also ping goonj for the same - they are also known for their good work! :)

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Answer to the question above

Sharath666's picture

Ignore my earlier comment.RK Foundation is a genuine organization. Infact I work with them on a part time basis.They accept any old stuff. Just ensure that they are in a usable condition.You need to go to their office and drop the stuff.Or you can also drop it at their collection points which can be found at www.rkfoundation.org

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could u tell me of such a GENUINE ngo in Mumbai ?

Chandni's picture

Heet, have you checked out Goonj?

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Hi Mynk,

I'm Karthik a 23yrs Employee with a MNC in Bangalore. I need to know a straight forward answer for my question. If i have clothes that are old and if i take the pain to get it to the collection center,will that reach the children and old aged people for sure.

Awaiting for your response and also let me know the organization that is in Bangalore that takes both clothes and toys also.

Thank You,
Karthik Santhosh
+91-9481034407 [Please leave a message]

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Hi Karthik.For sure it will reach the desired people. You can check out the website of RK foundation. They have clearly mentioned the places they have given the clothes to for the last 3 financial years.

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Pls advise of an organisation in Chennai, who can preferably pick-up from home in Nandanam. Thank you.

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There should be goonj centers. Please check the goonj website.

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I have lot of clothes i jus don't wear coz i don't fit.. all new and i want it to go to some one who's in need of it not someone who throws it away coz they're new and my mum has bought them each herself.. i jus grow fast so i don fit them 2nd time i'd wear it!! Kindly let me know where i can drop them off.. i'd be happy to give them away and hopefully bring a smile :)

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Does Goonj hav a branch in Goa? Alternately can anybody refer me any NGO/Home in Goa that takes old clothes???

mynk's picture

Not sure. I wud check on Goonj website or call their head office in Delhi. There is a BITS in Goa - u can connect with them to setup a volunteer group for Goonj in Goa if one isn't there already. A very good org to associate and extend.

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I am staying in AECS layout, brookefield near marathahalli and I have lot of old clothes to contribute. Please let me know if someone can pick it up from my home or from ITPL?

Sharath666's picture

Hi Madhu.RK Foundation has a collection centre at HAL 3rd stage,Indiranagar.Check out www.rkfoundation.org for more details.

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where can I donate old cloths in Ahmedabad city please? I tried for Goonj but, it is not in Ahmedabad city. Can anyone help me please? Thank you.


Pearl's picture

Nothing in Goa though1

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I am staying near marathahalli.I have some cloth with me which I like to donate.From RK Foundations site i saw your centre near HAL.But i am new in BLR and not able to follow the road.Can you suggest the easiest route if i came by bus.In which stop i have to get down nd how wil i reach the office etc..or Is it possible for somebody to came and collect tthe same

Streisand Foundation's picture

The Streisand Foundation Main Office (www.sfcc.streisands.org) is located on the 100Feet Road in Indiranagar - you can check Google Maps, or call for directions on 9740979647. We are providing underprivileged youth and street children clothing, as well as lunch, tea, learning materials, an education, training and finally employment in a reputable company. Any and all donations make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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I called d them at 25203535, they don't accept old cloths.

donatesamit's picture

I called d them at 25203535, they don't accept used cloths

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Dear Friends, well-wishers’ and Volunteers!

Greetings to you from Isaacroy Roy, Founding & Director, Kenosis Foundation-India

In India or else where, DIWALI is a season of SHARING with others who are not privileged to enjoy like any one of Us. Every season or any occasion, (whether we are Christians, Jewish , Muslims or Hindu or any cost and religion) meant for us establish or renew our relationship with our own families, neighbors. This time let us make difference in someone whom we never met before in our life times.

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• Resource fee
• To adopt a child for education for at least a year,
• To train a girl or group of young girls on Job Oriented Courses ,
• Pay the rental of training house,
• Teacher fee
• Can get second hand computers or laptops,
• Note books
• Cloths for children
• Paintings and educational /study l stationery
• Books related to Children for setting Library in Village and Slums of small towns, which also going to be Tuition / Crèche Centre in slums and small towns
• Even One Dollar is a big fund for me to support the tribal population.

Can you provide me your e-mail Address for further direct communication? Connect me to your friends, church members, and Like minded peoples, volunteers from your places, towns and countries or from colleges and other institutions for exposure programs in and around India.

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I have some used clothes which i want to denote. i stay in Secunderabad. Kindly tell if there is any organization who can take the used clothes in hyderabad or secunderabad.Thank you.

Sadik's picture

I have used cloths in big quantity. Is any one can pickup from my home. pls call 9945479089

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According to IRS Pub 526:

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You mentioned that your donations are 13% of your income, but you did not specify whether that was net or adjusted. disney jewelry

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hi,me and my friend searching for a place who took old clothes and give them to orphans,both adults and kids dresses .please give the reference in chennai.

jeevanjoshua's picture

Contact for
HUMAN WELFARE TRUST (Govt. Regd, No: 599/07)
NGO,Social Service Organization
Service To Human is Service To God
No:2/638 First Floor, kannikovill, Sithalapakkam,
Mambakkam Main Road,Selaiyur Post, Thambaram Tk
,Kancheepuram Dist, Chennai - 126,Tamil Nadu,India.
Mobile No: +91-9445690435/9092556789
Mail: hwtngo@gmail.com , humanwelfaretrust@yahoo.com
Please visit for our website
Trust: www.hwtindia.org
Blood bank: www.hwtbloodbank.org ..
Please all mail addresses are forward your friends.
Thanks for your valuable time

Aishwarya H's picture


I would like to donate cosmetic products and accessories.
I used to run a cosmetic distribution company but had2 wrap it up when I got married n moved from Bangalore. Is there any NGO willing to take these products? They r in perfect shape and would help make lots of people beautiful :)

Pls get back to me ASAP

Nisha Sharath's picture

Hi, i want to donate Men's casual and formal clothes (good condition). Please let me know if there are any NGO's in hyderabad willing to take old clothes. ASAP

shripriya's picture

I also want to donote my clothes. I want number from ahmedabad as i m leaving thetr

mythili's picture

hi...i would want some ngo who has pick up of new n used clothes from home.i reside in indiranagar .could anyone suggest me with numbers.since im shifting I wana do it on priority

jkvqiwjcmm's picture
mszqrw's picture
Disha gupta's picture

i wanna donate clothes but i am from delhi so i wanna know how can i donate my stuff in delhi.

OP Sharma's picture

I want to donate old clothes, books and stationery items. Is there any pick up facility at or near Upparpally, Rajendernagar, Hyderabad. My Phone No. is 9703261152

Bijoy's picture

Is there any Ngo where I can donate used clothes. Iam really busy these days, so if they can come and collect the same, it will be really good. Do contact me 9663217057

shaji's picture

I want to donate old cloths kids shoes. Very rarely used Is there any pick up facility at ernakulam. If so call 09447379151 on sunday

Kavitha's picture

I would like to donate old clothes AND TOYS for children. I read about RK foundation. Has anybody donated before to RK and do u think it is genuine. I live on outer ring road Bangalore and would like to know where to drop off the clothes.

Viraj Engineer's picture

want to donate old cloth n school bags, any ngos in chennai.

Viraj Engineer's picture

want to donate old cloth n school bags, any ngos in chennai.

thiyagarajan's picture

I would like to donate old clothes. I live in Abbigere, chickbanvara post, Bangalore and would like to know where to drop off the clothes.

Soham 's picture

I live in Pune. Do any one knows reliable place to donate clothes, goonj is not there in Pune.

wzrvoth's picture
Alka Damle's picture

Can you tell us if we collect clothes in Goa,how do we send them to you in B'lore? Do you have or know any such center in Goa?


Please share if u have someone in noida to pickup clothes from my home.......
i have many old clothes of mine......

Sadaf's picture

I have clothes to donate. wanted you to help me with an ngo in Pune for doing the same
. Your help would be much appreciated

Sunitha's picture

Pls adv on a similar organisation in thane West

Mrs. Jessi mehrotra's picture

Anything in Delhi NCR for the same?

krishnanand's picture

Any person or collection centre in chennai. I have lot of men pants and shirts

Chakrapani's picture

I wish to donate used clothes (good condition - men and women formals and casuals). Can anyone help me with any NGO accepting such donations in Ahmedabad. Thanks.

Ankita Sharma's picture


I wish to donate old clothes. Can anyone help me with any NGO accepting old clothes in Pune.


ANAND MASIH's picture

Dear Sir,

Warm Greetings to you.

Everyone in this world is faced problems; you too must be confused and upset as so many stumbling blocks stay in your way causing dark days and sleepless nights with bitter tears on your pillow from worries and burdens you have to face each day, thus shut you in, with a lock of troubles. I assure you the only key which can unlock it, is "Help".

Another way you can solve your own problems is by helping the unfortunate to make their burden light, that's why I am writing to you, asking to help my poor children of Mandla who want to study but cannot afford to. There are many of them. I, on behalf of my poor children, searching, asking and knocking at your heart's door.

Won't you contribute your might and make these children's load light?

I am AWe are interested to do social work through "NAYA AADHAR SHIKSHA SAMITI" In Mandla area among children, women's and needful community. I am to inform you that the NASS is a registered non-governmental organization working in the field of rural and tribal development in Mandla district in, Madhya Pradesh, India since 2012. It has been implementing development activities in Livelihood programmes, Health and family welfare, agriculture and animal husbandry, village and cottage industries, disabled development activities and self entrepreneural activities, etc. It has been also focused on self development activities for those who are severely affected under below poverty line and to take necessary remedies for their rehabilitation.

I would be request you to forward your guidelines or format of application for submitting a project proposal. I would be expecting your kind co-operation in this regard.

Your earlier response will be grateful for us.

Thanking you

Kind regards & respects

Anand Masih

sweta moda's picture

I want to donate some old clothes in Bangalore.. Plz let me know the donation centre.

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