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Subject: Fwd: Helping Hand for children - Drinking water facility
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 01:09:54 +0530
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Dear Friends,
This email comes to you in the form of a request for a helping hand to provide safe and clean drinking water to the 600 below poverty children studying in the Government aided Koramangala Kannada and Tamil Nursery and Higher Primary School at Rajendranagar slum, Koramangala. The school has no facility to provide drinking water to the children, as of now.
Eureka Forbes tested the school bore well water and found that the Total Dissolved solids(TDS) was very high and declared the water unsafe to drink. They suggested to install a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit for the school which can reduce the TDS and make the water drinkable. A non-profit organization operating in the communities of slums in Koramangala(world vision) sponsored the RO unit costing Rs.1,75,000. But the electricity related and plumbing materials required for the installation and maintenance of the unit had to be borne by the school. It is costing them around Rs. 20,000.
The school got the RO unit in August. Since then, they have been approaching various donors for help. The teachers themselves have donated money for the electrical and initial plumbing work. But today they are in need of help from more donors to help in kind or cash to get the unit installed.
If each of us can donate a small amount like Rs.100 or Rs.200, we would be able to help the children have safe drinking water. Let me know if you want to extend your help, I'll coordinate and get you a receipt for the amount donated. I've personally verified that this is a genuine request.You are free to contact and visit the school in your convenient time.
Mrs.Gyana Pushpa
Head Mistress
KKTHP School
Contact #  9900576719
Request letter from the school and their materials requirement are attached.

Mini Jain
Mb: +91-97411-82880

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