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Sent: Monday, March 28, 2011 11:39 AM
Subject: Need some financial help for a middle class

Dear All

My cousin brother is very happy with his family , there are three membor in his
family he, his wife and a 6 year old boy. recenlty due to his illness doctor
suggest him a blood test report and after recive that report doctor dignose
shoking statment.

He is suffaring with Hepetitis B positive. He is a only bread winner for his
family , As doctor said that he could helthy and long live but he suggest very
costly treatment.and overall expance of the treat ment is Rs. 7 Lac+ , If he
can spend his all saving and sell of all ornanment of his wife he can manage
just Rs. 2 lac. we as a family member we could not help more then 1 lac ,
because we are also falls in poor class middle class family.

he is in a financial needs. he
want to live long , he is a bread winner of his family , i want to help him but
as a individual i have a limitation , i am requesting to all of you can you
help him by any way to live him ?????He is my best and loving cousin , and i dont
want to see his death.  please suggest is there any NGO can help him?? i
dont want direct finacial help , if god gives you lots of money then i am
asking for just one byte to save his life.

I am putting his detial , you can check or call him

Name of my cousine brother :- Mitesh R Shah

Address :- 407 , Vandematram Flat , Swaminarayan park,

Ghodasar, Nr. Swaminarayan Mandir


Age :  32 Years

Contect no :- 09825077347

Dear all ,

further request you to for save his life.

I hope that humenness is still live.

My name :- ALOK A SHAH

Contect detail :- 09227201106




Information about myself: my self Alok Shah, I am working with one NBFC in Rajkot , i
am also coming from middle class family and mitesh shah is my cousine brother ,
he is suffering from hapetisis B positive , it is very critical illness , i
want he is living with his very happy life. unfortunatly we donot have enough
money, thats the reason i need help as a friend to save his life form

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