Housing for the urban poor - Initiatives by Shelter Associates, Pune

by parul8ue on Aug 25, 2007      Category: Housing & Sanitation Tags: india housing public participation urban poor npsbm

More than 1 billion people globally live in slums today & this number is steadily on the rise. Housing for the urban poor is becoming a critical issue demanding immediate action, in India no less where 55% of the urban population lives in slums.

Here is an excellent documentary on the one such project undertaken by Pune based NGO Shelter Associates.

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The book "Planet of Slums" by Dr. Mike Davis gives more information on the urban housing issue globally

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Darin Gunesekara is apparently a big fan of "Planet of Slums"!

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One interesting thing that came up in Darin's talk at San Diego was that many of these slum dwellers are not really poor. But since all other alternatives are very expensive, they convince themselves into living in slums, thinking that it is only for a short time.. and then they are never able to get out of it. Darin's video showed that as soon as some of these people were transferred into the high-rise, they bought TV, nice furniture etc!

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