How to find a good maid for your home

I guess we've all seen social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook used for job-search. But these websites, and related websites such as and, are typically restricted to the top and middle of the pyramid for fairly high paid jobs. and are taking it a step further to the huge bottom of the pyramid services market for jobs below Rs.10,000 per month, ie. for maid servants, cooks, drivers, mechanics, plumbers, etc. Basically the largely unregistered services industry that forms a large component of India's GDP. They also have an interesting referral-fee sharing model, and a notion of "mentors" for people who cannot use the website themselves. But will it work? The market segment they've identified is certainly huge, but I have my reservations on the online model. Forming a large user base, managing identity, and contacting people when they are actually needed, can be quite complicated in practice. It's interesting to think about it nonetheless.

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Funny! I wonder if this should go the "Lighter Side" category instead!! I haven't by myself lived in big cities of India, but it is conceivable that finding maids and such is a real issue there, so the site is trying to solve a real pain in the market. Besides the limitations that Aaditeshwar mentioned, I guess it is also subject to gaming. For example, as soon as the mentors get their referral fee (Rs. 200, when someone hires a maid), there is nothing to stop the maid from leaving the job and go onto next one.

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I think the idea is pretty neat, but may take a while to fly off. Once the mobile broadband facilities become widespread, this idea can tap its full potential.

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I think the real problem with them will be the trust factor. It would take them months for people to trust the candidates on their site.

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