How RTI is transforming rural India

by aaditeshwar on Sep 21, 2007      Category: Governance Tags: goverance rti corruption india

RTI is being used more and more effectively in rural areas in UP, Bihar, and Rajasthan now. Most questions in RTI applications are related to public distribution system, Ration card, BPL card, Indira Awaas Yojna, lands, irrigation, corruption in the welfare schemes, and day to day working of local village administration. But the awareness of using RTI in many places is still quite limited. Other hurdles remain as well. The process of filing an RTI application can be quite cumbersome, which deters many people. Bihar has set an excellent example of having a call-center where anybody can file an RTI application through a phone call! A national system has also been proposed, but this will be only for seeking information about filed applications. Such online information services for RTI are crucial also because often times people do not know what kind of information to seek, or where to send an application. Recourse to legal action when information is not provided on time is another big issue, and often times government officials are able to get away just because the appeal process can be lengthy, and legal action can be complicated. Some cool videos from Parivartan and MKSS: I am very curious to know if any studies are in progress to document the outreach of RTI and its successes? And how RTI implementation in India compares with that in other countries which have similar laws?

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Thanks so much for google videos! Arvind had come to SanDiego last year, it was very inspiring to listen him speak about RTI.

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A study to assess the three years of the Act is actually in process currently.The interim report has been released and the final one is to come out early next year.

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