How To Start Volunteering?

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Most people think that volunteering means going to school and teaching or working with slums or going and doing some health checkups in unhygenic places. It seems more like a serious affair which requires lot of commitment and saying no to all the cool things that you might do in life. Of course volunteering requires some amount of commitment, but it is not as boring as you may think. There are numerous fun ways to volunteer. Also voluntering does not necessary mean that you have to spend some fixed time every day or every week. There are opportunities available from one off volunteering effort to a weekly effort. Below I have tried to categorize some of the volunteering possibilities based on time you can spare. So if you are thinking of volunteering and dont know where and when to start, one of these could be your starting point. (Since I am from Bangalore India, most of the volunteering opportunities listed here are from Bangalore, or nearby areas. But I am sure such kind of volunteering exists in other places as well. So if you are looking for some such opportunity other than Bangalore do drop in a mail at, or drop in the comment below, we will try our best to connect you to the right place)


I cant commit anytime, I want to volunteer once in a while when I get time.


* Organize a Blood donation camp in your office. This is the simplest thing to do. There are NGOs like Sankalp, you just have to give a call to them and they will do the rest for you.


* Collect toys from your building and hand them over to the Toy Bank. Toy Bank is an NGO which collects toys and distributes them to various orphanages and schools. You could also spend some hours on weekend in Toy Bank in sorting the toys, and gift packing them.


• Take children to parks/educational tours. Kilikili is one organization which organizes such events for special children. There are numerous schools like Ananya , who are looking for people who can take children for one day half a day education tour to some factory/park/museum.


I can spend couple of hours to spare on weekdays


• Spend sometime in gift wrapping toys collected for distributing to less privileged kids through Toybank.


• Extra coaching to Residential schools like Deena Seva Sangha, Nele.


• Spend some time with old people in some of the Old Age Homes in the city, Om Aashram, Little Sisters of the Poor and Anand Aashram.


• Take spoken English classes to community women for 2 hours a day whenever you are free at Makkala Jagriti.


• Spend time with special children at the Sunshine Centre for Autism. Work with children from the Shrishti Special Academy and Association for people with disability.


I can work only on weekends


• If you like teaching, Prerana could be the place for you. Prerana is an Institute which supports higher education of poor meritorious students along with counseling them for choosing their courses.


• Reading books for blind children, recording cassettes for Blind children. An organization called Samarthanam works on this.


• Vidyanikethan runs a program called "Teach the teachers" wherein you and go and teach the teachers on various different subjects


I cant travel I want to do something from home


• You can translate books or documents/books/comics which are not available in local languages.


• You can try to design projects for children which help then in understanding concepts better, like a project or exercise to teach multiplication or solar system. It can be anything. This is required by lot of NGOs who are involved in teaching.


• You can write for NGOPost.




I want to do something related to art, performing


• There is a group called WEMOVE, which does theatre solely for fund raising for various NGOs.


• You could make films for various NGOs, which would help them in their fund raising drives.


I am a NERD, and want to do something related to computers


• There are numerous NGOs who need help in setting up their websites, and putting some basic Content Management Systems in place. They are ready to do work, you just have to guide.


• Maintaining PCs and networks for NGOs. Becoming a System Administrator for some.


I want to do marketing for NGOs


• Numerous orphanges, childrens organizations, TB patients, make a variety of things, starting from Greeting cards to handbags to candles. Just pick some of them and put it at the office reception for sale. Or you can invite the people and they will come to your office and put the stalls (in lunch room??)




This article was written by me and originally published in the sept2007 issue of Sattva, an ITIHAS initiative. You can find this issue of Sattva here

Sattva, An ITIHAS initiative: an e-magazine focusing on the social sector.
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Software engineer by profession, or rather the job that pays, Otherwise, a writer, guitarist, traveler by passion. I write for a monthly e-zine for Sattva, which focuses on social sector, initiatives around Bangalore. Have worked with number of NGOs mostly in educational area in more



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Thanks goli for coming up with such an exhaustive list. I will go through it once more later and try adding points (If I find any!)

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This is a really useful compilation. I want to add a point for those who want to do their two cents 'virtually' - i.e. from home/office using the computer/internet.

- You could work on building or expanding the syllabus and teaching material of education programs which could be computer education, analytical reasoning, communication skills or life skills (money management, etc.). I know from a personal experience that this is a real value-add in many places.

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Great compilation. I can add a few more organizations where one can volunteer. Again these would be based in Bangalore.

-If you have weekends , you can visit Balwadis supported by Akshara foundation. These are preschools for slum children aged between 4-6 and run by local volunteers trained by akshara. You can visit these balwadis on saturdays and spend some time with the children, playing with them, teaching.
-you can volunteer in Akshara's libraries. (

-Volunteer time at an old age home eg. Little sisters of the Poor on Hosur roads. All that these people want is some time from us.

-start collection drives in office/home. You can donate old books to hippocampus, old clothes at Missionaries of Charity, Rakum School for Blind, old newspapers to Association of People with Disablility(APD).

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Another organisation is Karunashram.The website link is It is related to animal welfare with opportunities for volunteering all over India

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One can also conduct eye donation/pledging camps in the office/housing colony. NGOs like Sankalp [] and Prabha eye clinic [] would bear most of the burden of running the show.

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I know a lot of NGOs in Delhi and Kolkatta. If anybody wants to do anything we can link them up

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It would be great if you could add some of the names here. It would be great as people would get to know about this opportunities.

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iltaja is an organisation which is based in east delhi,they work on health focussing mainly on polio and tuberclosis, also in educating children,
-New Beginning,Goonj,operation asha to name a few in delhi and in kolkatta its tomorrow's foundation,future hope and new beginning in kolkatta as well.

anybody who wants to volunteer in delhi or Kolkatta and get in touch with us and we will help in find a placement

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Good one Goli. The Sattva link mentioned doesn't work... For everyone else, you may always visit to know about various opportunities available for various issues in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore!!! Lots to do people. We need massive no. of volunteers to change the fortune of our country!!!

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goli please can u tell me some pune based organisations for volunteering.

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What a great list! I just had a couple of things I wanted to add. I live in Canada and volunteer once a week at a hospital with my dog. So for any animal lovers out there being part of a dog therapy program is a great way to spend your time. It really cheers up the patients and you get to spend time with your pet. The Canadian website is but I am sure there are different organizations who do this around the world.

Also, for anyone who wants to spend 2 weeks to a few months doing a one time volunteer program going abroad is a great way to boost up your resume, get some real experience in whatever you are interested in and have an awsome life changing experience. I run a small charity called Action Volunteer Alliance. We send volunteers to work in Nepal. Check our

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I put up in Mumbai(Chembur) and wish to volunteer over the weekends. Anything like helping people,teaching etc would be great. Could someone guide me how I can go about it?

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I would get you in touch with Pankhudi, they do lot of work related to teaching and I guess you should be able to find some place near Chembur for volunteering. Additionally we are also writing similar articles for Mumbai, pune, Delhi and all, so that would also be up in some time.

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Hi Rajesh,

This list is a good start for people who are yet to start on something good. Do we have a comprehensive list of all NGOs operating all over India?

I believe a lot of them are represented here and, well yes, in Orkut.. All I'd suggest for NGOpost is like give the users an option to submit the list of NGOs they know with their contact details. From NGOPost's end, all that needs to be done is to add teh details to the list of that particular state and internally, city / village.

This will be a major step forward and will attract not only NGOs, but also potential trusts and organisations who are looking for things to do. I don't know if this option is there elsewhere, but I certainly don't see a comprehensive list on the net. They are either incomplete or with insufficient data or questionable.

NGOs and Trusts on one side, a Volunteer network that will visit the places whenever they could on the other hand, we are looking at a major network here. This will help Organisations like CIOSA etc.

We don't have miscreants here at the site, :P, so this should probably work.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback. We are trying to come up the comprehensive list of the NGOs, there are some technical challenges we are facing with the website to come and accomplish that.
The most challenging thing as you said is to figure out how to keep the information up to date and working, and just figuring out appropriate model for doing the same.
One good NGO database that I keep referring to is, most times their contacts are up to date and they also keep updating their website quite frequently.

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hello everyone here,v useful information i am searching for.can anyone let me know some ngos in indore as i wanna do something for good cause

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Hi Bhawana, here is a list of 89 NGOs based in Indore:

Please go through their description - you might be able to find something of your interest :)

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One of my favorite initiatives in Bangalore which is volunteer driven is Friends of Children. Some of their students have made it to engineering colleges and dental colleges -

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good work!!!!!!!!
i wanna know about ngos working in hyderabad!!!

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Hi Swetha, We are in process of getting this list prepared for other cities as well. I guess in sometime we should have that.

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Hi .. I'm looking for volunteering in Bangalore...I'm a house wife with a small kid.. so looking out for something like work from home..for a good cause... Teaching is my passion.. can you please help me?

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Goli has compiled the same for Mumbai also! :)

Those who can help with other cities please do get in touch with us.

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This is Joshua from Hosur, Tamil Nadu.
Can any of you reading this, help me find a way to volunteer in this place?

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You could get associated with number of NGOs. Which area of work are you interested in?

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Thanks for your reply.I stay in bangalore.I am a graduate in Environmental Science.

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Could of NGOs you can volunteer is TreesforFree,
You could also volunteer with Hasiru Usiru,
Let me know if you need to get in touch with specific people.

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I want to work with NGOs related to Environment.Plz suggest me some NGOs n how do i get in to it...

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thanks for the information

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@New Beginning -

Hi, FYI, these people would like to volunteer with NGOs in Delhi/Calcutta:

From: Mallika Jalan mallikajalan@

Professional expertise (what you can help with) - development communication specialization. can help in communication related jobs - planning, strategy development, materials development, training, campaigns etc.,

Time availability (when you can help) - I have flexi hours at my current work so can adjust time. Max. 2 hours / week.

Mallika Jalan
Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road
Kolkata 700017
From: pooja sahai

HI, i've always wanted to to do this and have always found the support of an useless excuse" where is the time"... maybe its now!!

Profession: Furniture and interior Designer.
time availability: Saturday mornings

looking forward to hearing from you,
From: Prasun Chaudhuri
Email: cprasun@gmail. com

Professional expertise: Writer/journalist/ editor; can help in communication initiatives
Time availability: Sunday-Wednesday; 2-3 hrs per day
From: Surjit Kishore Das

I would like to offer my skills to such NGOs as may have a need for the same. I have a lifetime experience of working at senior positions in government and now have more time on my hands with which I would like to contribute to the well being of society. I am a humanities post graduate , with excellent communication skills in both written and oral English.I have a large and diverse range of contacts/friends and colleagues with whom I can collaborate around interesting and worthwhile projects. I am interested in contributing to projects in any area of human endeavour, particularly health and forest/ecology.

I am based in Dehradun and partly in Delhi. I can be reached at the above email address. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
Surjit Das
surjitkdas@gmail. com
From pawan singh

As a Resource Person , I am available on Tuesday and friday for whole day in NOIDA, South Delhi

My Expertice is in Resource Mobilization, MARCOM , Project Management and sales. Details are available in my CV attached.


Pawan Kumar Singh
Sr Consultant
Purvanchal Vikas Foundation
B-173,Sector- 55, NOIDA
Email- pawan1oct@gmail. com
Mob- +919971002542
From: DD Maheshwari dayaldm@gmail. com

Yes I would be interested in offerring help to NGOs.

I am a rotarian fo rmore than 10 years, and laso associated with another NGO in Ghaziabad.

I can help NGOs in Delhi and around who are really interested in help and guidance.

With years of managerial experience, certainly help canbe provided.

DD Maheshwari Chem Engr ( BITS PIlani), MBA ( IIM Ahmedabad), Intl. Marketing ( IIFT New Delhi)
New Delhi
From: Karthik Laxman

I am interested in working pro-bono particularly with NGOs who require help but lack the resources. I represent RedCube Consulting Group - a consultancy focused on services for the non-profit sector, but we also do pro-bono work with needy NGOs as well.

Name: Karthik Laxman
Location: Delhi / Chennai / Ahmedabad
Email: karthik.laxman@ / karthik.laxman@ redcubegroup. in
Professional expertise: MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad, three years of experience with NGOs, funders, government, research institutions, universities in areas touching development and management.
Time availability: Would have to be discussed.


Karthik Laxman
RedCube Consulting Group.

From: Ritika Dube

Location: Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR,
Professional expertise: MBA- Marketing Manager with 10 years of work ex,
Time availability: All weekends plus where physical presence is not required- 5 hours per week over weekdays as well
From Anand Mohan

Location: Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (NCR, Delhi)
Professional expertise : I have served a nationalised bank for 20 years in the capacity of a Senior Manager. I took VRS from service because I wanted to do something in the social sector. I am now running and managing 2 Educational institues for the last 8 years. I am also a free lance teacher for Management Institutes.

My qualifications are PGDM, CAIIB, M.A (Human Rights) and M.Sc (Environment and Ecology).

Time availability : Available from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm 2-3 days a week.

I have skills in the field of banking, teaching and human rights that many NGOs can benefit from.

I look forward to hearing from you.
From: "s arya"

My Brief Profile is :

I am Dr. SARVADANAND ARYA with experience of 37 years in higher education
management, HR and HRM in education, Student exchange abroad, Curriculum
development, Institutional development, opening of new institutions, Project
development and management, Disaster preparedness and mitigation, NGO
management in sustainable livelihood approaches and tribal welfare.I retd.
as Vice Chancellor and also worked as World Bank Consultant. I am available
for consultation to NGOs based at Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR areas. Others can
seek consultation on line. With regards, Dr. S. Arya

And a couple more:

From: "Ruth Benjamin"

Subject: My daughter is expressing her interest to associate with
Bhubaneswar based NGO

My daughter Ms. Juanita Anuja Benjamin is a computer Science Graduate from
JNTU, Hyderabad and showing keen interest to work with NGOs or any
development sector. Presently she is in Bhubaneswar and looking for an
opportunity to associate with an NGO. Her command over English language is
very good, She also possess good presentation skills coupled with a good
command over English language.

Best Regards.

Thanks and Regards
============ ========= ===
Ruth Sarala Benjamin
District Support Officer
Orissa State Office
44, Surya Nagar
Bhubaneswar- 751 003, Orissa
From: Manmohan Sharma

Myself Manmohan. I am residing at Lonavla. I want to join an NGO working in Pune or Surrounding Area. I have done MBA(Finance) and C.S(inter). i am interested in working with and NGO in field of Mentally Challenged kids and orphan or kids socially backward classes. I can help NGO in office work as well as I can teach the Kids.

Hope u will revert.
From Prof.Dr.A.P. Rao,

Professional expertise (what you can help with): spreading education (particularly technical education), awarness about science, Technology, scientific religion, environment etc.

Time availability (when you can help): approx. 30 hrs in a month.

Department of Electronics & telecommunication
J.S.College of Engineering,
Hadapsar, Pune-28
From: Rahul Ghodeswar

As stated in the mail below, the limited number of days for availability should not be a concern. Since I'll be able to contribute only on 2 weekends (Saturday & Sunday) of a month.

Professional expertise
Professional role - IT Consultant, Software Engineer
Responsibilities - Leading a team of software consultants responsible for client interactions and providing them with technical solutions.
Planning the program for team to achieve the specified goals.
Training new resources on the software solutions to be provided
Experience - 5 years 9 months

Time availability 3rd & 4th Weekend of April. 1st & 2nd weekend of May (weekend = Saturday+Sunday)

Please let me know if I can contribute anything with my work experience, within the limited availability.

Kind regards,
Rahul Krushna Ghodeswar
Tata Consultancy Services

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I am a university student from Kolkata with no prior experience in volunteer work, yet I'm interested in doing some but don't know where to start. Moreover I can only spare time over the weekends. Please help.

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one thing that you could do is to prepare such a list for kolkata it is just about two days of work and few phone calls, not only it would be useful for everyone else but then you may also find some place where you would like to volunteer.

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I want to volunteer for an ngo concerned with environment in kolkata..
i can do it only for two months as my college would be off only for two months..
can u help me in finding any such ngo???

shakthikadhirvel's picture

Hi to all. Wishing you all the best in your careers.
Ms.Bhawana Your name says you are in and around bangalore. I am working in Anandashram Senior Citizens Home and Boy's Orphanage. We need a tuitor for our Boys.
Can you help Please...if you are interested reply me.

Ramkrishna's picture

Hello, i am very much interested in teaching in a boy's orphange home. Plz let me know wen n wer to come.

Vijith Kumar's picture

I just came across your post, can you tell me more details about the tutor oppotunity you are offering here?
You can reach me on 9886422296.

nayak's picture

if u intrsted teaching in kannada schools
pl reply to

Kajal Sharma's picture

Could you please guide me abut various NGO's in faridabad or Palwal.I really want to work for poor & uneducated people.

I would request u to plz help me out in this.

Thanks & Regards
Kajal Sharma

parulgupta8ue's picture

Hi Kajal,

Please see the comments posted by Mayacare and Grassroots on this page below - they need volunteers in Faridabad.

You could also contact SaiDham:

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I would like to know some good NGO in Kolkata where I can spend my time productively in helping the needy people. I am a retired IT professional mainly involved in implementing IT projects.

Goli's picture

Hey Pai,
Do look at Samartian help mission, one of the best NGOs in howrah. Mamoonji who runs this NGO is a amazing person. You can contact Mamoonji at 9836777600

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Hi Goli, just came across this page. Great work! I live in Thane near Mumbai and also have spare time during weekends. I wanted to utilize the same for teaching children or adults. Would be great if could you help me with some options. Thanks.

Jassi's picture

Hi Goli, just came across this page. Great work! I live in Thane near Mumbai and also have spare time during weekends. I wanted to utilize the same for teaching children or adults. Would be great if could you help me with some options. Thanks.

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Hi Bhawna,
I am looking for joining an NGO as I want to do something for humanity and people who are deprived of joy and happiness that they deserve.
Basically I have done my Chemical Engineering from a reputed instite in Delhi in 2010(DCE now DTU) and working in Indore for last 1.5 years. I am looking to join a NGO for weekend and I hope if you can help me ou. looking forward to receive a reply from u soon. pH: 9755549220

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Hi i want to contribute my bit to the society by geetting assocaited with an NGO in Delhi .Plesae help me on the same .

nandu's picture


i am interested to be voulunteer in bangalore. please contact to my mail id. i am at home so i am available and interested both on weekdays and weekends.

nilanjana mukherjee's picture

i travel a lot,presently residing in interested to workwith ngos .am a trained teacher,see if u can find some suitable place for me.i can spend my weekend only

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I am a working professional staying in Gurgaon. I am interested in doing some voluntary service preferably teaching in Gurgaon. I would be available more over the weekends than on any week day because of my job.

Please share with me if you have any information on such voluntary service required in Gurgaon

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I have done masters i child development i want to work for children specially counseling in Delhi . Can you name few NGOs?

daring maddy's picture

i am an engineer in delhi.i am also interested in doing social work. so will u pls help me in joining an ngo in delhi/ncr who works for environment and child education

Trishna's picture

Hi.... i m staying in delhi.. mukheerji nagar. can u please give some NGO's contact no.. I want to involve in voluntary service.. but I can work in weekends only.. as I am working here.

akanksha's picture

Hey, i am interested to work for an NGO in delhi on weekends. Pls give some suggestions.

Abhishek Rakshit's picture

Hi,I am currently residing in South Kolkata and would like to keep myself involved with an NGO. I am an business analyst and have a full-time job. So, it would be nice, if you can direct me to an NGO, where I can work during the weekends

Warm Regards

Abhishek Rakshit

Sadhna Srivastav's picture

I stay in Gurgaon have teaching & counseling experience, in performing art, I have long years of experience in Kathak teaching. I am 63 years now, lost my husband 2 years back, am computer savy too. I would prefer working from home, if possible, as I keep visiting my sons who stay abroad. Working from home will maintain the continuity as well, however, whenever I am in Gurgaon, can spare 2 days in a week, 4 hrs. each day. Looking forward for volunteering work in Gurgaon.

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Hi Samprikta,

For a list of NGOs in Kolkata, visit and

Feel free to mail or call them to find out how you can help them.

prafull badyal's picture

hi u all,
gud to see tht u all guys doing a very good job for those who really need help n many of us ignores them ....i a r'lly dedicated to this would anyone plz tell me the ngo's working in jammu....

Chandni's picture

Hi Prafull, here you go -

Supriya Dutt's picture

Mayacare( , an organisation based in Pune but now also working in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore aims to help senior citizens with their outdoor work , accompany them to the doctor etc etc through volunteers.
I am a Chartered Accountant and now mayacare coordinator for the NCR- We need volunteers for Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad , faridabad and Gurgaon. If anyone is keen to volunteer with us please visist our website or call me at +919654946046

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Guys i could'nt read all ur replys but i must say the volnteer people start work, jst outdoor of ur house the problems of connunity then city then whole country then global village, that is not Easy as like saying but it is possible,Goldi u done a gud job.

Chandni's picture

Pratik, you could get in touch with some of these NGOs:

Also, getting in touch with Calcutta-based Earthcare Books might help. They publish books on environmental issues.
Hi Supriya,
Potential volunteers in NCR are listed in the Comments section of

You can also post your need on

Kanchana's picture

I'm more interested in projects that involve cleaning the city or cleaning your lost rivers and lakes.Can you please suggest ngos for that?

admin's picture

Kanchan which place do you stay, you can find many NGOs on environment. In Bangalore there is Hasiru Usiru, Trees for Free and so on.

Ramkrishna's picture

There is also Indian youth climate network based in bangalore working for environmental sector.

naren31t's picture

Vidya Poshak is a not for profit organisation working since 2001 for supporting economically challenged meritorious students for higher education in Karnataka and Maharastra states of India. Vidya Poshak assist poor-meritorious students with scholarships, books & training to continue their post 10th education, increase their employability through skill enhancement and transforming them into contributing citizens.

Vidya Poshak connects deserving, meritorious students with donors who nurture their dreams.So far, over 10,000 students have received assistance worth INR 70.00 million, 55,000 books have been distributed, and more than 2000 students have received training.

Vidya Poshak will soon have an office in Bangalore for its fund raising purpose and we will be in need of volunteers for fund raising, collection of database of CSR companies in Bangalore, writing for website of Vidya Poshak and its pages in facebook and twitter.

Interested people can contact me......


DENIKA's picture

i am interested in volunteering in delhi. i have tried to apply myself in some delhi based ngos by filling forms in their websites. but i have not recieved any response from them.
i am a chemistry (H) graduate and currently doing my mba. i am free on weekends and can do work from home too. if there is any thing that i can do i'll be really grateful.

Goli's picture

Hey you should contact AID Delhi,
You can drop them a scrap here,
or you could also write an email to pulkitparikhgmailcom

Denika's picture

@goli : thanks for your reply. i have already contacted aid delhi as it was mentioned in the above posts. i am waitin for a response from them. if there is anything else, do let me know.

Chandni's picture

Hi Denika,
You could send a message to about your desire to volunteer.

Also, check:

rapids79's picture

Hi..I have previously volunteered for education related organisations..being a technical person..I was wondering if there are any organisations working towards spreading technical awareness...and also human rights organisations I can be a part of..I am located in Bangalore ..Kindly advise.

Chandni's picture

@rapids79: You can check with and

Also, Blank Noise needs volunteers.

Narendran's picture

Message from Ms.Shivali

i am shivali..i am doing 1st year law at ramaiah col bangalore..we are supposed to do internship for a month from july...i have always been bent upon volunteering for NGO's...i am concerned about the street children..plzz do let me know if there any of them in and around my area in bangalore..i stay at basweshwaranagar...
thank u ...

Contact Shivali at

raman lucknow's picture


I m based in lucknow (U.P), I m a IT mgr with a firm. I m luking for recycling paper, will try to help them as much i can. also interested in GREEN IT initiatives, i m implement quite a few in my office.

This was a gr8 post, so thought mayb sum1 cn help me.


vicky victor's picture

GUys this is gr8 news for u nd me also,i asked here to how could i start the Volunteer work in my community,after getting gr8 suggestions from u guys i have started my work in my field.......thnx to u all..........HuMaN LoVeR

DARSHAN's picture

hi can i have wemove contact number please...

Kanchana's picture

I live in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. I like to be involved in an NGO which directly cleans the lakes and rivers. I also like to add that I'd like to be a part of a well-known NGO where the communication language is English. I prefer to work in and around J.P Nagar and at the max Jayanagar. I'd be really glad if you can help :)

Ramkrishna's picture

Sure Kanchana, you can join us at indian youth climate network. we work for all environment sector.

sanjukta's picture

sir/mam, i m a going 2 soon become a law graduate 4 Calcutta University. I m eager 2 actively join any ngo in kolkata and to do a human rights law course .I like 2 do any kind of job since its my passion to engage into such activities.if u gude me to any of ngos where i can join , i will be really grateful . Thank u very much .

parulgupta8ue's picture

Hi Sanjukta, glad to know you are willing to help. There are several great NGOs in Kolkata, I am listing a few below:

Samaritan Help Mission (
Calcutta Kids (
Kolkata Sanved (

You can choose one based on your location and interest. You can also contact the iVolunteer Kolkata chapter, they have a few volunteer requirements listed here:

Goli's picture

Hey raman you can start by plating trees in the campus, and in other companies. That is one thing which will always have positive returns and this is the best time to plant trees as well.

Priyanka Varma's picture

Hey all,
You can also join Pankhudi Bangalore/Delhi/Mumbai/Pune. Chk more @ or mail us at . We have lots of teaching activities in few places.



Der Goli ,

It a very nice article you did besides your interesting profile.By the means of your article we would like to point that we are also looking for volunteers in Delhi and Region (Ghaziabad , Gurgaon , Noida , Faridabad etc) for above type scenario you mentioned.

Request you to direct your known be to career section

Your suggestions and feed back would be highly appreciable

(Cordinator NCR )
The GrassRoots

|Eye Donation Its Free Its Online at
| NGO by Youths for being Youth full
| No Monetary Involvement

Goli's picture

it would be great if you could put this up as a separate story, which would then appear in our newsletter and hopefully you will have some people who will get in touch with you for the same.
I will surely send this to my other friends in Delhi.

amit's picture

hi, m amit fm mumbai,i volunteer for a ngo working for night school children nd teaching slum cjildren english on sat. nd sundays...we still can sstart more of these center we get dedicated ppl, currently located at powai

Damodar Garg's picture

Hi Amit

I want to do voluenteership for children and adults on sat and sunday. I am intrested in teaching or spend time with children. I am based in powai (Mumbai). If you have something related to that then please let me know.

Lihkin Lihkin's picture

I can contribute on weekends ... am interested in teaching and sports related volunteering ... Any such programs in Mumbai

parulgupta8ue's picture

Hi Amit and Lihkin,
I hope both of you have seen this article for Mumbai volunteering opportunities (there is more additional info in the comments also)

Further, you can contact the iVolunteer Mumbai chapter

(their website has a lot of postings too)

amit's picture

hey...wat it means?..............u want spoken
english in ur school , whr it is located

Lihkin Lihkin's picture

I am sorry but I am not a kannad and I want to preferably work somewhere in South Mumbai

amit's picture

hey u contact us at

Chandni's picture

'Hamara Footpath' - - teaches street kids in South Bombay.

You could also go through and

vinodp's picture

I am from bangalore and I would like to volunteer for the below activities.

Creating website for NGO
Conducting job related skills training, Basic computer courses, accountancy, tally, excel, word, powerpoint, voice and accent training, customer service, spoken and written english.

Seshank's picture

hey, i'm seshank from hyderabad and i am interested in volunteering for any NGO or an event management org. .I am ready to help whenever i am free or required, can any one give me the link where i can contact to these organisations ..

amit's picture

u can contact

sandip deore's picture

hi i m sandip deore. i hav joiend to nirman sociale movment in maharashtra. can u joined nirman movment? CAL ME 09823235945 ON THIS MO NO. nirman is not ngo but this is sociale movment.

Lihkin Lihkin's picture

PLease send me more informmation about this sandip

kranti's picture

pl check for low cost volunteering

NIHAR's picture

I'm in ghaziabad(near delhi) pursuing engineering.

NIHAR's picture

how can I join?

Supriya Dutt, mayacare's picture

Hi Nihar,

If you would like to volunteer for mayacare,an orgn helping senior citizens with their outdoor work, computer emailing ,reading to them etc in the ghaziabad area or in the NCR please call me on 9873489274. I live in gurgaon and am the coordinator. Please do log onto our website

Soumyadeep's picture

Hello all, i am an IT professional residing in South Delhi and would like to spend my weekends in the service of a cause- mostly in the field of education and awareness for underprivileged children. i would also like to volunteer for organization in the field of RTI and other social issues.

Thanks and regards,


Chandni's picture

Hi Soumyadeep,
You could volunteer with Manzil at Khan Market. They do some really good work. Mail Ranjodh Singh -

Hope it helps.

Goli's picture

Dear Soumyadeepji,
Hey, I would suggest you to contact AID Delhi, they do a great job in Delhi and can suggest you opportunities where you can volunteer.
Do leave a scrap for Pulkit, he is very active in Delhi/NCR

Soumyadeep's picture

Dear Goli and Chandni,
Thank you for your valuable suggestions and i have contacted both of them and registerred for AID Delhi. Further could you also point me to some organizations that work exclusively in RTI/Data Analysis of various statistics.

Thanks and Regards,


PS: You guys are doing a great job of in informing novices in this field of ngo/volunteering.

parulgupta8ue's picture

Hi Soumyadeep,

Parivartan founded by Magsaysay awardee Arvind Kejriwal is a pioneer in the field of RTI and they are also in Delhi. But their website seems to be down right now.

Some other stories about orgs working on RTI:

Chandni's picture

Thanks... and my pleasure! Let me know if you don't hear from Manzil or need more leads on RTI.

parulgupta8ue's picture

Hi Soumya, you will also find a lot of information about RTI rules and an active community on
I wasn't able to find a list of organizations working in the area though :( maybe you can ask the community there!

vinodp's picture

I am from bangalore and I would like to volunteer for the below activities.

Creating website for NGO
Conducting job related skills training, Basic computer courses, accountancy, tally, excel, word, powerpoint, voice and accent training, customer service, spoken and written english.

Harsh Arora's picture

Dear Friends, We need committed volunteers to work for Education, Sr. Citizen and Blood Helpline. Please get in touch with us on 011-45650560, 9711311354 or write at

Soumyadeep's picture

Hey parul,

thanks for your valuable inputs. i am looking into both of them.

@Chandi....i did receive a reply from manzil....going to see what i can contribute there.

regards and greetings for the festive season,


Spread the happiness.

Shashank's picture


I am Shashank Batra, currently working full time as a Software Developer.I am pretty much interested in volunteering for a ngo.
I have my weekends off. Kindly reply and let me know if i can be of any help.

Priyanka Varma's picture

Hi Shashank,

I am a part of Pankhudi Foundation in Bangalore. We mainly are involved in teaching activities at a school for visually challenged, an orphanage and an care center for HIV affected and infected kids. Apart from this we are also involved in few other activities. If you would be interested in volunteering with us drop a mail at


Shashank's picture

Hey Priyanka,

Thanks for the reply. I am actually working in Delhi, so would be able to volunteer for a delhi based ngo only.


Merin Liz Babu's picture

I would like to volunteer for any NGO in Indore. Please guide me so that I can offer my skills/time for the same. Merin, Indore

Ashish Gupta's picture

Hi Bhawna,
I am looking for joining an NGO as I want to do something for humanity and people who are deprived of joy and happiness that they deserve.
Basically I have done my Chemical Engineering from a reputed instite in Delhi in 2010(DCE now DTU) and working in Indore for last 1.5 years. I am looking to join a NGO for weekend and I hope if you can help me ou. looking forward to receive a reply from u soon. pH: 9755549220

shital01's picture

First of all I would like to appaud the sincere work that you all are doing. It feels great to see people so dedicated to social causes.
I am doing my first year in graduation. I would like to know about the different NGOs in Mumbai anywhere in the western suburbs. Preferably, working for the cause of
spreading literacy. If anyone has any useful links or information please let me know!

parulgupta8ue's picture

Hi Merin, Hope you have seen my reply to BHawana above - it has links for NGOs in Indore. You can also send a message for Bhawana and see if she found any good NGOs that she can recommend to you

Hi Shital,

Hope you have seen the Mumbai version of "How to Start VOlunteering". Here's the link:
You can also search this website for Mumbai or the specific suburb you are looking to volunteer in (e.g. Bandra) and you will get a list of relevant NGOs article and users

Divya Nagaraj's picture

I have done B.E in information science and would like to volunteer in teaching poor students, in southern bangalore region. I would also like to participate in any fund raising activities for an NGO, be it educational or cultural. Please provide me details on the above. looking forward to your reply. my num:9902340792

Jay's picture

My name is Jay and right now i am in bangalore.
I have done B.E. in Information Science.
I want to be associated with a NGO which works for education of children.
I can speak Hindi And English.
Can u assist me?

jessy's picture

I am a teacher, specialized in montessori, working with kids for 7 yrs now. I want to work for an NGO or Red cross in Bangalore, as a volunteer. Kindly guide me.

Goli's picture

Hey Jessy,
Do look at, it is a great ngo school. Let me know if you need help in getting in touch with them.

jessy's picture

Thanks Goli, I shall do that right away. :)

jessy's picture

Would you be able to help me with any NGO working for children who are HIV +ve?

shivagami's picture

i stay in bangalore east...i am interested in writing exams for the blind...and blood donations pl let me know how 2 go about it.....

shivagami's picture

i stay in bangalore east...i am interested in writing exams for the blind...and blood donations pl let me know how 2 go about it.....

kishori rawat's picture

i would love to Spend time with special children at the Sunshine Centre for Autism. Work with children from the Shrishti Special Academy and Association for people with disability.

Dr.Prakash M's picture

Thanks Goli, Really you opened my Eyes, I was in a dilema how to volunteer, but the info you have posted have given me lot of ways to think upon volunteering..If there are any opportunity for voluntering in bangalore please let me know.

Nitika's picture

Hi goli,
I am working in Gurgaon & i also want to be associated with a NGO which works for handicap children or senior citzen.
Can u assist me?

Sujata's picture

HI....I am a housewife who would like to spend my free time about once a week in doing some volunteering work for an NGO. I am located in Malleswaram so looking for an opportunity closeby. My interests are working with children as I have been associated in the field of education as Librarian.

newlifeblr's picture

Hi we recruit volunteers and place them in suitable NGO's in Bangalore we are located near ramaiah hospital feel free to call me i will help you in finding a right place for you.
Mansoor Chetlu
New Life Karnataka

sani's picture

I would like to know about some ngo's preferbly in north side. want to volunteer myself on weekends by spending some time with old people, disable childreen or any centre for autism. Please get me the info. it will br greatfull.

Krishnan's picture

Is there some organisation which help the daily labourers and their children? I am very much interested in volunteering for such an organisation, financially and physically. I am currently in Bengaluru.

Baidurya's picture

Hello...can anyone tell me if there is any charitable organisation where I can volunteer as a teacher in KOLKATA...if there are any other way to volunteer in a different capacity,am also ready for it. Plz contact me at (am a graduate)

Levi Tebo Mbah's picture

Hello Every One> Hands and Minds Cameroon is a Not-for-Profit Organization based in Cameroon and we accept volunteers all year run. Particular we encourage volunteerism and would love to welcome all ideas and new volunteers, so if would love to volunteer contact us please, let us know your area of expertise and we can customize something for you. Contact:

Padma's picture

I really liked this article. I am working in South Delhi currently and I am seriously looking to spend my weekends with children by taking them out or spending some time with them. Please suggest me some organizations near to my area

shaktishakti's picture

hey im from australia female 24 and i want to volunteer at a NGO in bangalore, preferably around the indiranagar area and surrounding areas from there, iam a hairdresser by profession, but i was looking to see if i can do art with kids or read to them stories or just play with them, i can speak fluent english, im just not so good at spelling and grammer... if someone could help me out with links, where people are looking for someone like me, much appricated thank you

Sangeetha Suresh Anand's picture


I am from Bangalore.  I am a hairdresser too.  I want to volunteer my hair styling, bridal hair and make up services to the needy brides.  Please let me know if I can be of any help in dressing up the needy brides. Thank you.




Levi Tebo Mbah's picture

Hello please contact me through my email.
Thank you.

anisharavi's picture

can u help em get in touch with someone from smarthana or toy bank.i am an engineering first yr student and would liek to help.

Levi Tebo's picture

Hi there, at the moment we have organizations in cameroon that we work with and can get volunteers with them from any field. At the moment we are searching for organizations outside of cameroon through which we can coordinate with them for volunteers. By this we wish to notify organizations to summit applications to us.

newlifeblr's picture

where should we submit the applications plz provide some info

Levi Tebo Mbah's picture

Hello all,
If you are interested in volunteering in Cameroon, kindly send your applications to
At Hands and Minds Cameroon, we coordinate volunteers and search for organizations that volunteers can work with. So kindly, if you are interested in volunteering in Cameroon-situated in West Africa let us know and we would make arrangements for you. You can volunteer in just any field here in Cameroon.
The address again is
Thank you.

JIGNESH's picture

Whats in Camroon I am Indian and how can i stay there for work???????

JIGNESH's picture

Hello to All
If ur student and u Complete ur graduation and ur interested in Social work then u can make ur future in thees field By doing AM in Social work.
There are so many requirement of professional social worker in India.But thees field is only for interested people.

So all the Best for ur bright future........

bhawana's picture

Hello Everyone......I am working with Indore Based NGO ,charitable Cancer Hospital.We are planning to develop software to connect various departments of hospital & to make it fully computerised.we are looking for software professional who want to volunteer for this.

Aren's picture

Hi, i am looking for volunteering opportunities related to children/ old age during weekends. I am based in Bangalore. Can someone provide me some info.

sahil sheikh's picture

i am a software engineer, looking to volunteer opportunities for children and old age during weekends in Bangalore. Please contact and provide me the information.
"Hai kaam aadmi ka auron ke kaam aana.
Jeena to hai usi ka jisne ye raaz jaana"

with lots of love from
-sahil @9448678638

Jhumup's picture

I am a software professional and looking to volunteer for work with children during weekends in pune. Please provide information on who I can contact for this.


Piyush Arora's picture

Dear Goli and Team,

This website is very informative and helpful. I am interested in volunteering over weekends as weekdays are not mine....i read your post on weekend NGOs and contacted NAB but unfortunately they are working only on alternate saturdays and no sundays....can you please suggest some NGOs where i can volunteer over weekends.

Thanks !

Baidurya Sen's picture

Anyone willing to volunteer in Kolkata, please contact me via here.

Thejaswi's picture


I have recently shifted to Bangalore from Delhi. I am keen on volunteering in my free time. I have 6 days working and i am free only on Sundays. I would like to work with agencies who have volunteering opportunities on Sunday or flexible time opportunities (writing/Fund raising etc which i can do from my home on weekdays). Pls contact me if there is anything suitable.

Thejaswi (9900447981)

ashutosh's picture

hello everyone!
i am a student.M in bangalore right now and is looking for a volunteering work in any organization. i have free time for a month and is flexible with time. please let me know if i could be of any help.

my email id is:
my contact no:+91-8088035270

thank you

vinodp's picture

I am from bangalore and I would like to volunteer for the below activities.

Creating website for NGO
Conducting job related skills training, Basic computer courses, accountancy, tally, excel, word, powerpoint, voice and accent training, customer service, spoken and written english.

Prathima's picture

I am a PR representative of Pankhudi Foundation in Bangalore. We are involved in teaching activities at a 3 different places : school for visually challenged, Orphanage and an care center for HIV affected and infected kids. Apart from this we are also involved in few other activities. If you would be interested in volunteering with us drop a mail at Also, we have centres in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi. Please go through the link for more details :

kashyap's picture

hi, i want to do something good for the society on a full time basis. So, it would be very helpful if you could let me know how i can get in touch with various NGOs and help.

kashyap's picture

hi, i want to do something good for the society on a full time basis. So, it would be very helpful if you could let me know how i can get in touch with various NGOs and help.

kashyap's picture

hi, i want to do something good for the society on a full time basis. So, it would be very helpful if you could let me know how i can get in touch with various NGOs and help.

Siddharth P's picture

Hello All,

I want to join NGO for voluntary cause with my best abilities. I am working here with MNC and want to utilize my spare time for a great cause. Anybody need my help for its organisation please contact me. I am looking for BTM,Koarmangla location.

Chandan's picture

Hi All,

Pls help me to find a good NGO near Noida,so,can volunteer for poor child and women uplifment.As a i am fulltime working software professional,can only volunteer in weekends.I would really like to help the society whatever i could do.

swmmandram's picture pradeeban social welfare mandram sri lanka i expecting full time work with your group. So i am very intrest to this help to the poor people.

look forward send my bio Dada

anthonygonzales05's picture

Hello everyone

madhumita sahu's picture

i want to join an ngo working for children near bbsr,orissa

vibha's picture

I m interested in working for  the society by  joining an NGO working for water n tree conservation in Indore. Can u help me find one?



Shrestha Agarwal's picture

Hi Vibha,

Just saw your post and came to know that you are from Indore actually my mother is also looking forward to work with NGO in indore. Would really appreciate if you can advise any organisation.


Vinita Sharma's picture


I have a Doctrate and a MBA degree for the past 20 years i have been associated with education. Now i wish to associate myself with some NGO and work for the welfare and well being of the underprivileged. i could extend my services in any manner suited to the organisation. My area of interest is counselling. Its time for me to do something for the society. Please guide and advice me.

Vinavolunteer's picture

VVS specializes in providing volunteer services in Vietnam with variety of placements. Our goal is to create international voluntary projects to assist in long lasting community development and natural protection; exchange and explore cultures; broaden experiences in life style, nature and environment in the new land for volunteers. 

Hope to get you involve in our project. You can contact me at

chinmoy roy's picture


I am a fashion designer and working in indore .

I want to do something for the society.

Plz suggest!



Goli's picture


One of the way of volunteering could be to plant some saplings in Government schools. This is a good season to plant. And most government schools have a huge coutryard. You could get the saplings from nursery or the Forest department.  


Kailashpati's picture

Hello, I am working in bangalore. I am very much interested to serve humanity. So in weekend I would like to serve/help people who are in real need (may be down trodden children, disables, patients, environment, orphans and so on). So if possible please suggest me some volunteer activity where i can use my weekends in bangalore. I will do anything as per my capacity for the people. Please inform me on my email id Thanks.

sanjana's picture

hello, i am sanjana from bangalore.I want to volunteer and help you guys and would love to teach as well but as i am a 1st year bsc student and have joined many certificate courses i am free only on sunday. So i did request you to giv me a little details as to what will be appropriate for me to help you with . i have also read in about providing internships to college students so if you could give me details about that . 

thank you.

annie's picture

I live in chembur and work. I wish to do volunteering work on weekends somwhere around chembur itsel. Can anyone please help me on the same

Shveta 's picture

Hello All,
I am from bangalore, by profession an interior designer. im on a sabbatical and therefore would love to devote myself in helping the needy. I love to be with kids and looking for an opportunity to teach kids or any activity with them. i would prefer areas in and around vijay nagar or vv puram.

siri's picture

Hi.. I am staying in South Delhi... i am interested in volunteering for good cause... i tried online to join few NGOs.. waiting for response... can anyone suggest any NGOs ..


Sharvani's picture

HI....I am Sharvani staying Bangalore...I am interested in volunteering for children...I live in Attibele Bangalore and I would like to volunteer myself for kids .I browsed the net for NGO's near my place but unfortunately I couldnt find any such....could you guys please help me in finding NGO's in and around attibele....


Keer's picture

Hi, I'm currently searching for a job in IT. Till I get one, I want to do some volunteer work. I'm interested in any IT-related work, teaching kids, taking care of dogs. Kindly let me know about the organizations that work in these areas. Thanks a lot. - Keer

Keer's picture

I'm in Bangalore. And I'm looking for work in Bangalore. - Keer

AmitP's picture

I am a software engineer. I would like to contribute in something which needs field work, kind of disaster management stuffs :) I am ready to run here and there, gather things, do volunteering, manage things. Please let me know if I can be of help.

AmitP's picture

I am in Bangalore

ramneek singh's picture

i live in dehi.. want to help kids


i live in Mumbai. i want to help.


I am a student pursuing post graduation in economics. Looking for a pune based NGO to work in for weekends!!

Akanksha Jain's picture

Due to some personal problems I had to quit my job. So now I am idle and looking at working from home for NGO's or any other organisation-maybe transcriptions or some sort of basic designing of pamphlets/news letters or even editing them. I have done a Masters degree in Journalism.
Please suggest or provide leads.

Thank You

smita amit's picture

i want to volunteer .i am the principal of a senior secondary school in delhi. i can spare time on weekends

uzma's picture

hi there!i am from hyderabad and would like to work as an NGO volenteer.
can some one guide me on how to proceed and whom to contact?
pls send message on my email.

smitha ramgopal's picture

I am a fashion designer and have got 10+ yrs of experience in the garment industry. I would like to do some volunteer work for NGO's in Bangalore. Kindly guide me!!!


george's picture

i am an IT professional in kolkata. I would like to utilize my free time. please help in finding a suitable NGO in kolkata.

Vinitha's picture

Hi, I have about 10 years experience in IT industry. Could you please help me in understanding how I can contribute to society. I'm looking for an NGO in bangalore

Divija's picture

Thank you so much..your post made it very simple for me in searching for NGO.

Dr Sanghamitra's picture

I am Dr Sanghamitra, a dentist in bangalore.i am usually free on sundays and want to spend this time by doing some dental service in rural areas of bangalore. please let me know , i will be more than happy to help.
Dr Sanghamitra

kundan 's picture

links at ahmedabad...??

Madhushree. R's picture

I wish to work in old age home during my vacations, that is in the month of april-may...i want to spend a meaningful vacation serving the gifts of our would be helpful if anyone could let me know the old age homes in indranagar, bangalore, as it is near to my place..please feel free to mail me... my email id is

Anuj Jha 's picture

I want to help people and children by educating them 0r by making them aware on social issue I am MBA HR by education, Manager By Profession And Reformer By obsession. Living in Kalka Ji delhi . Can i help/ Join Any NGO .

Thanks & Regards ;

chaithanya's picture

we are a social service monthly magazine in andhrapradesh
we giving guidence and information a to z to ngos in Andhrapradesh Only

contact us

chanda patil's picture


nithin's picture

Wanted volunteers to work in an NGO called SAHAYA for a new program started by it.

Prerna's picture

Hi, i want to contribute my bit to the society by geetting assocaited with an NGO in Hyderabad .Plesae help me on the same .

Thanks & Regards

Shekhar's picture


I stay in Kharghar (Navi Mumbai) and was wondering if there is any volunteer work available.


neeru suri's picture

hi neeru,
i m a housewife...m keenly interested in volunteering like teaching kids etc.I live in ghaziabad can you help me in locating some ngo or charitable organisation that works towards child education .eagerly waiting for reply

Mamta arya's picture

I am a housewife I can volunteer for three days a week,can work for kids and women.i am living in indirapuram Ghaziabad can u tell me some NGO that works for them,waiting for reply...

G.Diwaker's picture

we are group of 15 people of various backgrounds like financial planners, teacher, It professional , business people wanted to spend time and service with old age people , can you suggest a Right place to volunteer ourselves regularly in Hyderabad.

Satarupa Paul Choudhury's picture

hi..i am a dentist but currently not working...i am put up in kolkata, would like to volunteer thrice a week, like teaching or helping people would be great...can someone suggest me where to start with...will be waiting for the reply...

Satarupa Paul Choudhury's picture

hi..myself Dr Satarupa Paul Choudhury, dentist by profession...not practicing as of put up in Kolkata....i would love to volunteer thrice a week..teaching and helping people would be nice...can anyone guide me how to start with it...waiting for the reply...

santosh12345's picture

is there is nay job for ngo sir ?

Purushotham's picture

I am put up in bangalore. Please let me know if there is any volunteering work so that I can do.

Shrestha Agarwal's picture
Shrestha Agarwal's picture


I am Shrestha and I am looking for an NGO for my mother in Indore. My parents just shifted from Delhi to Indore and mother would like volunteer for any NGO in Indore near AB road. She can work full time on weekdays and she is very well educated as she was a teacher by profession in past.


Sandhya Devas's picture

Hi there,

I am a homemaker and dont specialize in any area but I have a lot of time and would really really love to volunteer for a social cause, love to work with children especially autistic or children with learning disability. Please let me know how and where I can find an oppurtunity to do so. I am based in whitefield, Bangalore and have a couple of hours a day to volunteer.


Gunjan Sethi's picture


I am an educator for past 16 years. I am M.Com, MBA . I specialise in teaching English and Business Studies. I am based at Sec 57 Gurgaon. I am keen on working with children /women related to education or social issues.

Tabassum Qureshi's picture
Unni krishnan's picture

I am an HR professional from Bangalore i would like to volunteer to help if interested to utilize my services please contact me........Thx Unni

Charu's picture

I am from Gurgaon working in an MNC.. I would like to be a volunteer for a social cause..Please guide me how to start it..Thanks

Santosh1's picture

I am Santosh(31-BSC-MATHS-HONS-MCA) from Bangalore.i have free time on Sunday so i want to help poor student who have not taking any private tuition..
i will guide you to how to solve maths problems in very easy way...

Manmeet's picture

Please let me know which ngo to link up/volunteer for IT , I can help in developing e-learning modules (Computer Based Tech) for children.

Manisha Khurana's picture

I m workng at a job in noida..i want to volunteer With some ngo bt could work only on weekends..pls provide with some infrmation as to Which nearby associations i can reach to volunteer..

teena meena's picture

I would like to volunteer
work with an old age
home in gurgaon. This is
something i have been
wanting to do for a long
time. I can devote a
couple of hours everyday
to start with. Please guide
me thru on this if

teena meena's picture

I am a btech 2nd year student. ..I would like to volunteer
work with an old age
home in SOUTH DELHI. This is
something i have been
wanting to do for a long
time. I can devote a
couple of hours every WEEKEND
to start with. Please guide
me thru on this if

teena meena 's picture

I am a btech 2nd year student. ..I would like to volunteer
work with an old age
home in SOUTH DELHI. This is
something i have been
wanting to do for a long
time. I can devote a
couple of hours every WEEKEND
to start with. Please guide
me thru on this if

Akansha's picture

I am a high school student who has a free summer coming up. I live in Bangalore (East) and am definitely willing to donate more than a few hours to do some volunteer work. If you could put me in touch with some NGOs, that would be great. Thanks in advance.

Shashank Jain's picture


I am living in Gurgaon. I am very much willing to donate 5 hours on weekends to do some volunteer work towards a good cause. Please suggest some options.

Thanks & Regards


Ankita L's picture


I reside in Pune Aundh. Could you please inform me about any good NGO in pune where I can donate toys and clothes.
And also a NGO where I can volunteer to help differently abled children. Thanks

Ankita L's picture


I reside in Pune Aundh. Could you please inform me about any good NGO in pune where I can donate toys and clothes.
And also a NGO where I can volunteer to help differently abled children. Thanks

anup kumar's picture

I live in kolkata...n want to do something for the poor children for their better lives...but m doing business so its hard for me to help them on regular basis...I can help them in weekends..and also in future I would like to adopt one can anybody help me ??

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hi, I am a btech student from kolkata and i would like to volunteer in an ngo to help the poor and needy . however i dont know where to start . please suggest some ngos in kolkata . i can work on weekends

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