Hrithik Roshan's Donation to the 'Save A Heart' Initiative in Bombay ((tag: Articles))

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From a Times of India article dated 26 Jan '10 by Bharti Dubey and Pratibha Masand -

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan
'financially' adopted 10 children in need of cardiac surgeries at the launch of
the Save
A Heart programme at Seven
Hills Hospital in Andheri on January 26. Roshan has decided to donate Rs 15
lakh to the children.

"Being poor is tough. But it is worse when one is poor and ill. Hence,
people in some position, as well as those with resources, should come forward
and help," the actor said. He said he was doing his bit but would like to
see others come forward too.

A hundred poor children have found donors through the programme. "Many
children are born with heart problems. The corrective procedures are definitely
expensive and many families cannot afford it. There is not just expertise
involved, but also resources in the cath lab. In such cases, the hospital
cannot do the procedures for free even if we want to," said Dr Raman
Krishna Kumar, consultant pediatric cardiologist with the hospital.

"In the first phase, the children are called for a pre-check-up and we
decide who is in urgent need of surgery. In the second phase, we search for
donors," said Kumar, adding that five children have already benefitted.


If you want to help people with heart problems in India, browse through the appeals posted on

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