i would like to teach kids to be able to be themselves and confident about who they are and that they are worth it

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.Dalai Lama

hi, I’m Kunal and i have studied arts, and love singing, love kids, love photography, and of course life...

i have taught the basics of singing[ Hindustani classical]to kids , sometimes, in a studio and sometimes street kids as well. Which is v v relaxing and calming. Been told it feels meditative.

i would like to teach kids to be able to dance a bit. free flow dancing and without inhibitions . i feel this helps one get comfortable with who one is and builds self confidence.
i have played a lot of sport and feel that sports brings on a kind of discipline that is lovely, it helps build team work, and team spirit
i can teach children how to listen to instinct, to feelings and to learn how to emphasize. Using sports, dance, drawings, and just learning to breath with attention , i feel one learns more about who one is. How one feels and can be more attuned to it.
i have taught English to children and can teach them some more English and a little bit of math’s :)[math’s isn’t weak, but i use different and not so conventional methods of teaching sometimes]

i teach through drama  and through imagery.
i help through my ways of teaching, of sharing and of helping the child feel more loved just for being who he/she is.
i am also a photographer and have taken pictures for a few ngo's of their kids for a nominal amount.

I live in prabhadevi and would prefer to travel mostly around town.

On Sundays, I can sometimes move around the suburbs, as well as a little bit outside the Bombay area.
i have already volunteered with a couple of ngo's  and would love to help many more

Is there any NGO which would like to use my presence/services?

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oh. forgot to add. u can contact me on kunalmithrill@gmail.com
or 9773786695

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Hey This is Sachin! we have a school at a construction site in nahur near to mulund! We call it Gurukul!! my emailid is sachinsomaiya2005@gmail.com
Do contact me!

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