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by Akand on Nov 08, 2010      Category: Environment Tags: pollution volunteers available environment protection

    We are students from the Indian Institute Of Technology Madras(IIT M). We are a part of the National Service Scheme in our institute. Every year, we have a winter camp during our winter break which lasts for around 7 days.(Usually from Dec 1st to Dec 7th). Last year, we went to the flood affected place called Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh and taught flood affected students over there. We had visited 7 schools and taught the education deprived students Maths, English and Science.
    Another set of batch went to Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu to spread awareness about the Industrial Pollution which was there.  This event was a huge success last year and we would do the same this year again.
   The help which is required from the NGOs present here is, To identify a place which is affected by any kind of pollution and also to chart out a plan for the December Camp of the students. We have human and monetary resources with us. Most of the students will be First Year Engineering students who have a lot of enthusiasm. We will make sure that this event will also be a success.
    I hope you will be interested to collaborate with IIT Madras. I also hope that the students, your NGO and this planet benefits from this vision and mission of Ours.
Please do reply if you want to change the environment!!

NSS Coordinator,
IIT Madras

Email - akand999@gmail.com

Contact - 9962247437

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