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Don't miss out on the Rs. 75 lakhs in matching prizes and other
benefits that India's largest online fundraising event - The India
Giving Challenge - has to offer
If your NGO is not taking part in the India Giving Challenge, then you
are missing out! Because there is a total of Rs. 75 lakhs to be won by
NGOs asprizes for fundraising in this online fundraising event.
What is India Giving Challenge

India Giving Challenge (IGC) is an online event held by GiveIndia as a
part of the Joy of Giving Week when India celebrates its culture of
giving.This event encourages NGOs to raise funds online and get
rewarded for their efforts in turn.

How so?
Through a matching grant that is given, for fundraising in different
categories, to winning NGOs, during the course of the event.  Last
year, 100+ NGOs raised over Rs. 2 crores from 9,000+ donors. This
effort became even more rewarding with a matching grant of Rs. 65 lacs
from GiveIndia. This year, not only are there more prizes but the
matching grant, at Rs. 75 lakhs, is also bigger.

5 good reasons to participate:

1. An opportunity to re-engage with old donors

2. A great opportunity to raise money for your cause

3. Ability to tap new donors and alliances with companies
4. Organise and motivate your best and largest fund raisers to raise
money for your cause
5. Matching funds from GiveIndia will enable you to raise even more!

Vinayak Lohani, founder of the NGO Parivaar, who won the India Giving
Challenge in 2009 and 2010 had this to say – "The India Giving
Challenge gave a wonderful opportunity for all our supporters and
campaigner -volunteers to use the period and platform of the event for
further expansion of the support base, and also test the reach and
efficacy of their social networks. It was a fun-filled time and a
great experience for everyone.”

Details of Prizes to be won:
As already mentioned, there's a total of Rs. 75 lakhs to be won!/
See point number 20 on:

Next Steps:

Get registered for the event through GuideStar India ( NGO Listing
partner for the event) by starting your registration process - - TODAY!
because the dates for the event are September 6th, 2011 - October
20th, 2011 and there are early bird prizes to be won!

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