India has a ministry of women and child development

by nitiniitk on Sep 17, 2007      Category: Human Rights Tags: women child ministry

I just found that the government of India has a ministry dedicated to the women and child welfare (am I the only to whom this comes as a surprise!).

The website contains fairly good amount of information, although poorly organized and presented as is true for most websites (that's a shame for a country known for its IT strength). Anyway, here is a list of several projects related to women/children funded by the government. Here is another website, maintained by the NIC (thankfully much more usable than the previous one), that has lots of info and statistics.

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I am also surprised to see that in India we have this type of organisation. Iwant to know more about this ministry and i also want to know what type of programmes they have started. What type of help they can provide to the needy women?

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