India's Disabled Struggle For Survival

by parul8ue on Aug 25, 2007      Category: Health & Disability Tags: india disability health human rights

In a country of 1 billion people, where the percentage of disabled could be anywhere between the officially predicted 2% to the actual expected 5-6%, the basic facilities are woefully missing. Although there are laws, few public places and institutions are disabled-friendly and virtually no buses are wheel-chair accessible.

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Even though the percentage might look too small to spur immediate action, the actual numbers are whopping. The contrast with the developed nations (actually I can comment only about the US) is glaring

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It is the burning problem for all us including the policy makers. We have got the resources and the problem is not getting the right share as RIGHT. It is the basic gap between the planners and implementors. In spite of several Acts, the participation of the stakeholders is only on the paper which is resulting for unrealistic planning and allocation of resources.

Sustainability and quality of life are the two key burning issues and the real problem is with us only.

The need of the hour is unity and pressure to get the access for benefits as a RIGHT.

Every thing is going up except the support for the PWDs. Why this partiality? The issue is not reaching the right person who is controlling the power.

Hope the issue known to all of us and let us unite for getting the right share as RIGHT so that our special people can live with us like any one of us.

Hope to work for the healthy, friendly, inclusive & barrier free environment.

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