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 We are glad to inform you all that "Syamantak - Incubation" has started Indigenous (Vedic) cow Farm project which aims at promoting Indigenous Cow dung and Cow urine based products as the core objective of this project. 

We have 100% pure indigenous cow - GIR breed. Gir breed Cows date back at least 5000 years as one of the few original Zebu or Indus breeds. Veterinarians rate Gir among the best because they are hardy and can endure all kinds of weather and are known to ward off attacks by lions. Research sources note: Gir cows have the longest intestines in the world, (aprox.180’) thus yielding high quality milk,urine and dung having the richest mineral content compared to crossbreeds and exotics. Gir cows have a nerve in the hump that collects energy from the sun ,thus enriching there products even more.

We have launched below mentioned products of our Indigenous cow farm:

 1) Gir cow urine – for Farming,Nursuries,Plantations,Gardners 

 2) Gir cow urine (distilled) – For human consumption 

 3) Dish Washing powder – Gir cow dung ash,Reetha,Neem powder,and Wala powder 

4) Gir Cow urine Asav (fermented preparation)– For human consumption  


Upcoming products are:

·         #Cow urine home Phenyl

·         #Cow shampoo

Profit from this project goes to “School Without Walls” real life education system of Syamantak. Looking for dealers/re-sellers in Goa and Belgaum.

For any further queries please contact us at :


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Dear sir,

Please quote the prices for your products for Mumbai.


Dr R.K.Khatri

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