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by aaditeshwar on Dec 26, 2007      Category: Economics & Business Tags: dharavi slums urbanization poverty

The article presents a very vivid description of daily life in Dharavi. These stark realities of poverty and hardship and that fire for survival normally get lost in statistics and we hardly think about them. But they hit you hard in the face, especially when seen against the backdrop of a glittering display of affluence by the newly rich in India.

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A related article: highlights many statistics about the urban poor in India.

- Currently, 40-45 per cent urban poor are living in slums or squatter settlements, while the balance population lives under bridges and flyovers, pavements and overcrowded tenements.

- Over 80,000 babies die in the first month of life, half of India’s urban poor children are underweight, one out of every 10 children born during the year is not destined to see their fifth or sixth birthday, and out of 10, three children are affected with diarrhea, malaria and other diseases.

- Family welfare centers are hardly provided for urban poor and those that are in place have neither doctors nor nurses and other supporting staff. These centres would require qualified medical and nursing staff of over 30,000 to effectively serve and treat the urban poor for their medical ailments.

- The report ‘Housing & Health Facility for Urban Poor’ released by the Assocham, estimates that the country needs to invest nearly Rs 700 crore to meet the providing low-cost housing needs for the urban poor and called upon the government to build up the required political will to make budgetary allocations for the same during fiscal 2008-09.

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