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On behalf of the Gandhi Peace Foundation New Delhi, Shri Anupam Mishra invites you to participate in “Gandhi – 5:17”, a special programme being organised to reminiscence the occasion of Gandhiji's 63rd death anniversary.

The forgotten witness to Gandhiji's killing
The first part of the programme is an account of Gandhiji's assassination by Shri Krishan Dev Madan, then a programme officer with All India Radio, who was present on 30th January 1948 at the lawns of Birla House, preparing to record Gandhiji's speech, before he was shot.

On 10th November 2010, a meeting was organized with people from all walks of life, where Shri Madan spoke about his recollections of that day. With his assent, the talk was recorded, and will be screened at the event.

20th Century's Prophet
The second part of the program, pertains to the screening of a rare documentary on Gandhiji, made by AK Chettiar in 1940, after extensive research and travel over one lakh kilometers in four continents. All versions of this eighty-one minute film were thought to be lost after the British had banned the film, until a Hollywood-made version was uncovered recently.

Time: 30 January - 17:17 pm
Location: Various places in India

To participate or organise this event, please get in touch with:
Anupam Mishra at +91-11-23235870, or

Farhad Contractor at +91-9825220717;

Please find the invitation to this programme attached with this mail, you can also download this here: 

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