Inviting NGOs to Participate in a Research Study on Skills-Based Volunteering

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From: Ruchi Kumar <>
Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2012
Subject: Mumbai based non-profits: Invitation to participate in Research Study on Skills-Based Volunteering

Dear Chandni,

Please circulate the information among the NGOs in your network.
The study will help the sector as a whole, and the NGOs to access
highly priced professionals for small projects. Thank you for helping!


This is to invite Mumbai based non-profits to participate in a study
on impact of skill-based volunteering by professionals who wish to
support social change with pro-bono work, rather than donations.
The study is being conducted by Drishtant (
- a platform that connects non-profits with socially conscious
professionals. Registered non-profits can post specific, short term
requirements (eg. a women's livelihood group needs fresh designs for
kurtis that they can tailor, or a health service needs behaviour
change communication pamphlets designed...see website for range of
ideas). On seeing their post, professionals interested in supporting
the cause can get in touch with the non-profit directly, and volunteer
their services at no charge (skill-based volunteering).
By participating, your non-profit may be able to secure some
professional services free of cost which may otherwise be an
expenditure item for the organization, as well as gain visibility as
part of a research project intended for publication. There is no fee
for participation in this study, but there is a cap on the number of
projects that will be posted. The study will conclude by July 2012.
If you wish to participate or learn more or share thoughts, please
write to me at I am looking forward to
hearing from you.

Have a lovely day!
- Ruchi
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