Inviting proposals from experts working on sexual harassment at the workplace

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From: Samhita Social Ventures <>
Date: Thu, Dec 8, 2011
Subject: Request for proposals from NGOs / experts working on sexual harassment at the workplace

Dear all,


Wehope you're doing well. A corporate client is looking for experts and/or NGOs that can help them implement a policy to tackle sexual harassment at the workplace. We welcome proposals from NGOs and experts who can:

  • help the company set up a complaints committee
  • be a part of the committee as an external advisor and provide guidance if / when a complaint is registered
  • offer talks / workshops / conduct activities to make the employees aware about the issue

If you offer any of these (or related) services, please write to us with the following details by December 15:

  • Description of the services that you offer
  • The format in which you offer them (e.g. one-day workshop / 2-3 hour talk, etc.)
  • Cost per session / workshop / per policy document
  • Any samples of your work
  • Location that you can offer your services in (this client has offices in several locations)

We would appreciate a reply by December 15. Apologies for the short notice. Please note that indications of cost at this stage are merely for preliminary consideration and detailed proposals / costing can be done at a later stage. We look forward to hearing from you. Please call us at             022 4264 1892       or             022 4264 6520       if you have any questions or write to us at

About Us
Samhita is supported by N S Raghavan, one of the co-founders of Infosys. We help companies and donors partner with credible NGOs to increase social impact. We facilitate grants and awards and provide advisory services to companies and donors. NGOs registered with us can raise funds online from Indian and international donors, free of cost. Please visit for more details about the organization.


Thank you very much! 


Team Samhita

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