Jaideep Sahani on hockey, economics & development

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Jaideep Sahani, man behind the stories, lyrics, dialogues of bollywood hits like "Chake de Indiia", "Khosla Ka Ghosla", "Bunty Aur Babli", "Company" is a refreshingly decent & well rounded person. His has feet planted on earth & ear to the pulse of people, from which he draws inspirations. Read his views on changes shaping India, social mobility, equitable growth, free enterprise and role of technology. Below are really good excerpts from different part of interview. --------- A few days ago, Jaideep Sahni got a call from a hockey equipment manufacturer telling him the sale of sticks has gone up 600% :-) ""We researched and found out that they're b***dy buying cable and colour TV. Matlab, I'm ready to go hungry or walk 12 miles to office, but I want my cable TV." This, coupled with Bajpai's book and the realisation that village kids in India were watching Baywatch on mute, was enough to convince the writer they were sharing dreams with us. "But I don't love the fact that most people are not aware of an experiment we had implemented, which I'd read in the Harvard Business Review 10 years back," he smiles at yet-another invaluable decade-old memory, digressing to grin and add the thought that's there's a movie in the story. "They went and put one telephone in a village in Karnataka. Just one telephone. Before the PCO boom started. They went after three years. The per-capita income of the village had gone up, multiple times. The middlemen were out of the vegetable market. The bank balances of an average villager had gone up many times. Some people from the village had gone abroad for the first time in their lives."

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