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by diwakergupta on Sep 18, 2007      Category: Useful Resources Tags: education

Looking to become a platform and destination site for children, Kerpoof allows children to make pictures, movies and stories online in a dedicated web-based client, with a hidden education goal to teach the principles of object orientated programming.

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I encourage every one to play around with kerpoof -- its amazing! There are a lot of smarts built in, attention to detail that makes me smile. Lke if you drag a cloud, the shadow forms automatically. If you drag the sun over the mountain, it gets occluded automatically. if you drag the moon, the scene automatically becomes dark, like night/evening :-)

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Indeed a beautifully designed website. From their language, they seem to be presenting themselves as a gaming website for children (perhaps trying to mimic the success of Neopets or Club Penguin). It also seems to be IO heavy and might be hard to run on a low bandwidth connection in a developing country. It might be very useful if someone designs such a site for virtually carrying out science experiments (as opposed to arts in this case)!

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