Law as an instrument of social change.

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 Meaning of social change---   Change is the law of nature what is today shall be different from what it would be tomorrow.Therefore social structure is also subject to incessant change.The word 'change' denotes a difference in anything observed over some period of time.Social change therefore would mean observable differences in any social phenomena over any period of time.Accordin g to Gillin and Gillin  "social changes are varies  from the accepted modes of life,whether due to alteration in geographical conditions in cultural equipment compositions of the population or ideologies and whether brought about by  diffuision or innovations within the group". Jones defines in other words according to him"social change as a term used to describe various in or modifications of any respect of social process, social paterns,social interactions or social organisation.
On the basis of above two definition it may be concluded that social change refers to the modifications which take place in the life patterns  of people.But it does not one on all the change going on in the society.Social change will mean variations of any aspect of social processes,social paterns,social,social interactions or social organisation.It is a change in the institutional and normative stucture of society.
Social change has occured in all societies and in all periods of time. But the rate of social change differs from society to society .In one society the rate is rapid while in another it is necessarily slow.There are various factors which determine the rate and direction of  social change.Some factors-(i)Biological factor (ii)Physical factor (iii)Technological factor (iv)Cultural factor (v)Economical factor and so many more,Legislation is one of the most powerful and important factor or tool of social change.
The history of civic life is history of law as an institution.Mans social by nature yet sociability in his blood coexists with individualistic impulses of violences for which there occures brute quarrel and fight. Thus law came into existence as the controller of human behaviour.Its role as an agency of social change came in to relation with the emergence of the concepts of socialism and welfare state.
As regards the functions of law schools as well as law scholars are not unanimous in there views .Some says  "main function of law is social control,maintenance of peace and order and solidarity in the society" . In other hand some other says that"law is a catalyst of social change,it has not only the function of social control but it has also to bring about social change by influencing behaviour,beliefs and values".As an instrument of social change law involves two interrelated process(i)institutionalsation of new social values and(ii)internalisation of this new patters of values by the people.
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