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 India Water Portal presents “The Lost Lakes of Bangalore : A video contest”. Win prizes upto Rs 15,000/- Highlights:

  • The contest is divided into two categories : Student and general
  • Create a short film (upto 10 minutes) that documents any particular lost lake of Bengaluru
  • India Water Portal Lost Lakes Contest ,#599 , 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage Indiranagar, Bengaluru 560008
  • Email:

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One clarification - can the entries only be about "lost" lakes which are no more, or can it also be about lakes which are fast deteriorating (pretty much all the lakes in Blr like Agara, Madivala, bellandur) and might be lost if no corrective measures are taken?

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One more feedback about the contest: In the students category, teams are allowed but in the general, only individual entries are permitted. In general, film-making will need to be teamwork, e.g. one person might be handling the camera, the other might be interviewing/narrating/demonstrating something on-screen. Also, it is difficult for one person to have all the necessary skills (camera handling, editing, script writing etc) and too much work to do alone. It will be better for the competition to allow team entries in general category too - will get more (and quality) particiapation.

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Thanks for the questions. re kind of lakes, we are restricting it to lost lakes (that have disappeared), and lakes that are on the verge of disappearing ie. those that will be lost in 2-3 years. The film should explain why the lake is likely to be lost soon.
We'll also respond to the other point soon.

India Water Portal

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thanks for removing the restriction :)

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And regarding team size, you can work in teams of 5 people in the general category too.
Please visit for the full information and any updates.

India Water Portal

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