MIT Cylists Set Record for Pedal-Powered Supercomputing [Pedal Power]

by diwakergupta on Dec 17, 2007      Category: Energy Tags: pedal power alternative energy

A team of 10 cyclists from MIT have set a new world record in the field of Human Powered Computation (HPC) by drawing 1.2 kilowatts of electricity and powering a a SiCortex SC648 supercomputer over the course of a 20 minute nonstop ride. The idea came in response to Google's "Innovate or Die" contest that challenges contestants to use pedal power to develop a "zero emission invention."

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It was rather interesting to see the comments at the end of the story, all cynical! I guess their point was that pedal power is not the most efficient way to generate electricity. It makes sense for remote areas which don't have access to grid electricity, for the lack of other alternatives, but better options (in absolute sense) exist and should be used, when possible?

Does someone know of a comparison of different alternative energy sources - solar, wind, hydro - in terms of cost, output, efficiencies etc?

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Hi Parul, here is a cost comparison of various renewables vs. traditional fuels.

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