Need for ASP.Net 3.5 Webform / MVC Developer to Volunteer for CRY-Child Rights and You

by Trina on Jan 03, 2011      Category: * Needs & Opportunities * Tags: it child rights

We, CRY - need volunteers for technical help (on ASP.Net) for development of one of our web based module.

Project Briefings :

We have a data-centric application which comprises of a MS SQL 2005 server, a few ASP.Net web pages and some business logic layer. We would be using Dot Net 3.5, and either MVC 2.0 or Webforms as a design pattern.

We need developers for designing and developing ASP.Net web pages and their connectivity to our DB. The volunteers should have a good knowledge of ASP.Net development and basic understanding of MS SQL and DB schemas (relationships, mappings, etc).

CRY being a non-profit, social service organization and an NGO, we don't have an allocated budget for it - so we will not be able to compensate developers monetarily, it would be a voluntary work.

Project is not very huge (around 10-15 web pages in all) and for a proficient developer it would take around 20-30 days to completion.

Developers / Volunteers should write quality code (with comments and documentation) and should commit their time and efforts till the completion of the project. Also, they would be required to brief CRY technical team with their work flow (a walk through code).


If you are interested please get in touch with Trina Chakrabarti (

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