Need volunteers to monitor a rain-water harvesting project in Hoskote

Shyam is a very enthusiastic senior citizen driving this land shaping and rain-water harvesting project in Bangalore. He needs volunteers to assist him in tracking the progress of the project from now till end of June - preferably someone can travel to Hoskote once or twice a week. Kannada fluency would be desirable. Please see the document link (above) for more details of the project, or you may contact Shyam at for more info. Also attaching his email below.



I started working on the project in December and modified the Calcutta experience to suit Bangaluru Rural because of differences in rain and soil condition. Seven farmers after being convinced applied for funds under GOI NREGA scheme. This was verbally approved on 30 March 2010.Now we have to help to complete the project by May end.  


In each acre of land one can harvest about half a million liters of water for irrigation and if successful can change the face of Bangaluru Rural district which is so short of water.  


We need to make this a success story so that in coming years this concept may be expanded to other areas. However if it fails or gets delayed, everyone will hesitate for next few years citing this failure.  


The project has to be completed before Rain starts in June.  


The project is near Sonnahallipura village near Hoskote. Hoskote is connected by a good road on Old Madras Road and is about 30 k.m. The village is about 8 k.m. The road is good for first 6 k.m. and the last 2 k.m. is being made and should be ready by May end.   


We will give out of pocket expenses for going on motor cycle (required) and communication and provide lunch tea etc at site. Food will be as cooked by villagers. I have that also when I go. I shall go once a week and another friend of mine will also go once a week. Please let me know if some stipend needs to be aid to the volunteers.  


Their work would be to visit the farms and see that the progress is as per schedule and if there are any difficulties to communicate to me so that I may take corrective action.  


Please let me know if you need any additional info.  


Thanks for your cooperation  





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I have been voluntarily involved with many NGOs in India since 2002. I strongly believe that all of us can do more by coming together, sharing ideas and working together to address social issues! A techie by training - I have a Bachelor of Technology from IIT Bombay and Masters of Science from more



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Hi, he could post his need on or

He can also go through the list of volunteers in the vicinity on the Karmayog site and mail them.

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Hi, Chandni
Good to hear from you about the karmayog site. Was inquisitive to know what you ae doing in the field of Rain Water harvesting
Im professionally involved in Rain Water Harvesting

my email id is

for AluzZa Water Efficient Solutions

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Hi Azim,
I'm doing nothing in this area.

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Hi I m a contractor in Mumbai & intrested in getting rain water harvsting jobs in Mumbai & around.

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