Needed: Database of Schools in India

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Hi All,
We require an exhaustive database of schools in India. This database is preferable in excel format but other formats can be evaluated. We require the details of the schools like name, contact details, location, phone numbers, website, emails, classes and sections available. If anyone has anything like that you may kindly contact me.
Best Regards,
Gurdev Parmar
Managing Director,
Tranquil Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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I am a PhD student at the University of Southern California with research interests in robotics. I did my undergraduate studies from IIT Bombay. Being a member of NGO Post is an attempt at doing something for the community that I am a part of.

Most of my posts here are due to Chandni ( more



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Information of all the 12 lakh+ schools existing in india is available on the net,just type DISE/SCHOOL REPORT CARDS INDIA on google you will have it. bye.

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thanx maddy good one

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Hi, we too are looking for this data, but could not pull it from the DISE site, since it is split by district. Also it did not seem comprehensive (as I could not find my own school, which is fairly popular in Bangalore). Any other suggestions where we can find this data?

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i have been collecteing from google from past three months, i have got a raw data and instead of converting in to a excel format which is a lengthy process, through online extractor i have taken the email ids- if any one wants please contact, i am ready to sell the email ids

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What all do you have in the raw data? Just names and e-mail addresses? Or more?

Also, how much will the DB cost?

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i can sell this data for 6000/- and i will be giving you an update of the data free for 6 months, the data consists of only email ids, and mobile numbers

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Sripani how many emails and what region..please get in touch

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we have a database of 97000 emails of schools and 1,92,000 list of mobile numbers of schools, tutors and teachers, we regularly do the campaign to promote our site, which we wanted to sell, please contact if any one interested. thanks sripani 9581632135

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Could you pls tell for 1.92L school mobile numbers, do you have school name, complete verified address, mail id, Principal name, syllabus, school strength etc details?

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Dear all, for the past three months I spent most of my time in web, browsed for details of schools and now I have nearly 30,000 schools details name, address and phone nos. in excel format which will be useful for you to mail merge. Those addresses were separated by state wise. If you are ready to pay for my work, I am ready to give you. Please .....

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dear ramesh, send me a quote for the 30,000 schools database i will purchase

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