Needed: Info on Cool NGOs to visit in India

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Ranjodh is from US. He has been working with an NGO in Delhi for a year. Please mail him and me if you'd like to suggest any NGOs or people he could get in touch with. Thanks.

- Chandni

From: Ranjodh Singh <>
Date: 6 July 2011 00:11
Subject: Cool NGOs to visit in India

Hi Chandni,

Hope everything is going well. I am almost finished with my year at Manzil and will be travelling in August. I was wondering if you knew of any NGOs that I should visit? I am interested in NGOs that are working on health, education, livelihoods and agriculture, all together :-) I am also open to visit individuals working on these four issues. 

I am in a bit of rush to plan and book tickets, so if you can get back to me quick, that'd be great. 



Ranjodh Singh

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Hi Ranjodh, Chandni,

I think the best way would be to look up the itineraries of any of the past Tata Jagriti Yatras. They meticulously research and pick out some of the most awe-inspiring people and NGOs. E.g. 2010 yatra summary here:

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Thanks, Parul. Other responses we received:

You should visit Mr. Subhas Sharma, a farmer who has transformed the approach to agriculture to make it sustainable and ensure food security and livelihood for those who work on the farm, thus an attempt to balance and nurture the ecosystem. It would be worth visiting and understanding in the context where a number of farmers have been committing suicide in since the past decade. He lives in Yavatmal, Vidarbha the so called epicenter of farmers' suicide in Vidarbha.

Mr. Avinash Shirke is the principal of college of social work in Yavatmal and emphasizes on farmers participation in enhancing the quality of farm land through soil and water conservation and continously researches on innovations that can help farmers. You can also connect with him.
MKSS in Rajasthan. I lived and worked with them last year, its an amazing experience.
1. Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti in Wardha, Maharashtra (Vibha Gupta, the chairperson of the NGO is an Ashoka Fellow).
2. Dharamitra in Wardha, Maharashtra
3. Amhi Amchya Arogya Sathi, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
4. Anandvan, Chandrapur, Maharashtra
5. Sahaj, Dahod, Gujarat
1) Goonj: Their current project on sanitary Napkins for rural women is very particularly interesting
2)Operation Asha
4)Protsahan :
5)Dream a dream
Abhiyan is one NGO I would suggest. It's in kuchchh and is one of the best I have visited. They do everything that you want to see and a lot more.
I recently visited an NGO - Deendayal Research Institute ( located at Chitrakoot - Madhya Pradesh.

They basically work in complete rural development with an aim of making villages self reliant. So they cover everything that you are looking for :-)

Till date they have successfully worked on 516 villages in both Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and now they are working on scaling and replicating this to the other part of country.

I was really impressed with the way they have make use of existing government schemes and ensured those are implemented well.

Would definitely recommend you to visit that.

There are few other NGOs/ People working for rural development, would be interested to visit and study different models.

Listing down few more

- Barefoot College -
- Kuthambakkam -
- Ralegan Siddhi - Anna Hazare's model village -
You cansuggest him for, woring in interior
area for inclusive quality higher education for rural poors.

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nice compilation, Chandni, thanks! Would like to second Goonj, and MKSS.

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Last week I visited Comprehensive Rural Healthcare Project based out of Jamkhed. The work that they do is absolutely remarkable. And their work is somewhat similar to Abhiyan – making villages self-sufficient – ranging from health, sanitation, irrigation, women’s empowerment, access to government schemes, and almost anything else that you can think of applicable to an extremely impoverished area. And all of that on a shoestring budget.

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