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A Delhi based NGO sparsh-ek prayatna working for the literacy of underprivileged children, vocational training etc is looking forward to open a new chapter in Hyderabad. We have worked in several projects in Delhi and are looking forward to spread our operations in Hyderabad. We require people who desire to make difference in lives of other and give something back to society. We require part time/full time volunteers, translators(hindi/english to telagu and vice versa) and your best wishes.


To know about sparsh-ek prayatna please visit

For any query or to join us please contact - Jitesh Shivnani ( Ph:09975587341



God bless All

Jitesh Shivnani

Member and Co-founder- sparsh-ekprayatna



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Hi Jitesh

Just had a look at ur website and i got really amazed by seeing ur activities and its all quite interesting too... Literacy for children through variuos means and strategies adopted by u r very much appreciable... Its good to see that u r expanding ur operations in Hyderabad.. I was wondering if you could start similar kind of initiatives in down south of India at Madurai in TamilNadu.. I would be happy to support you in this regard..

I am a Development Mgt professional with over four years of working with NGOs in India and i am also a part time volunteer for one of the NGO here in Madurai named Nivethan.. I though Nivethan could work with you to implement this initiative in Madurai,.. Thet have just started few initiatives in the theme of Health, Education and old age care and thought they would be suitable for this initiative.. They can provide necessary infrastructure for ur model of school and we can work out other details..

Looking forward to hear from u

You may contact us at



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Hi Naren,

Thanks a lot for showing interest. Currently we are focusing to expand our operations in Hyderabad only. We believe it will be better for us if we go step by step. However we will definitely consider your idea and see if we can work out something in near future.

Thanks again for showing interest.


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Hi Jitesh

I had a look at u r website and it was nice to know the activities that the organisation is a part of,

I am an engineer based in hyderabad I have also been involved in social work but that has been limited to a few schools,
I want to be a part of this initiative.
U can contact me


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From: Amit Srivastava


I am a Senior Business Consultant currently in Hyderabad, and am an IIM Indore graduate. I think I should be fairly well placed to provide advice on innovation, strategy, business models, etc.

Can you please let me know if there are any such NGOs in Hyderabad where I can contribute over weekends?

Amit Srivastava

From: k.a raju

I worked as a Director for Library and Publications Division in National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad... I can be of help to any NGO in Hyderabad in organising their information services including Internet and publication of their newsletter.. .
I can spare morning hours and I am 65 year old....Thanks

Dr K A Raju,

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I just visited your website and I have become really interested in the kind of activities that you do. I am currently working as a professional in Pharma company. I have done my Engg and then Industrial Engg masters in the US; came back to India about 8 years back and have been working in India.

I have been looking for a change - tired of the routine self-indulging work in corporates to make money and would like to try working for an organization that makes a difference, especially to Children

I read your post saaying you are looking at a volunteer/position in Hyderabad and am very interested. Can you tell me if you are still looking for expansion in Hyderabad. Have you started working on anything yet? Please let me know.

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Hi Subhadra,
Nice to see your mail. Hope you've sent your query to Sparsh.

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hi jitesh

i am a student of sri venkateshwara college of architecture hyderabad. i just had a look of your website n i am really amazed.....i am 18 years old and would like to help sparsh in any way i can. i can spare weekends and also i have never done anything like this before so i really would like to be a part of your initiative.
u can contact me on


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There are many who are thinking for the children born in blessed family.You are one who is thinking for them who can not think any thing else except for their two times meals.
I express my best wishes to you.
Tiwari S.K.
Based in Hyderabad
Working in Oman
( Cell: 00968-92464670)

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we apt to start in Jammu and Kashmir

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Hi I wish to be a part of u

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Dear All
We are having our ngo compaign on hyderabad for the cause of the poor children education in cyber towers hyderbad .Will any one interested in doing volunteer work for two days on 10 and 11 Aug "11 From 10 to 3.00 PM
Mail me Call me 9884598551

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hey hi ...i'm a final year engg student and would love to be a part of ur organisation...i've never had any prior experience as such but would love to help in any way i can..i'm available at weekends

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hi., u guys are doing a great job and i am instrested to become a part your noble work . i am a final year student and i want to participate plz reply ..

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Iam kalyan a chartered accountant from Hyderabad, would like to serve the under previleged in hyderabad, my contact number is 9959543240 please call me if you want my service.

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