NGO in Delhi needs a Fundraising Consultant

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From: Sudeshna Mukherjee <>

Dear Chandni,

Please find the request below from Col. Kapoor, General Secretary for Volunteers for the Blind Foundation. They urgently need a fundraising consultant to help them continue their ongoing projects and are willing to work out a retainer-ship/ commission based arrangement. May I request you to publish this on your Posterous site as well as other non-profit networks that you are part of? 

This organisation is doing amazing work for the visually challenged. However, they are a bit cash strapped. Col. Kapoor can be reached at the numbers listed below and I am also sharing the organisation profile.

Thanks in advance for all the support.

Much warmth,

Dear Sudeshna, 
         Ref our conversation some days ago. 
         It is requested that you assist us with contacts with suitable persons working towards raising funds. We need them most urgently, as a few projects are help up. We would be  willing to share a percentage of the funds raised to compensate them for their efforts. 
          A copy of our Profile is attached.
        Looking forward to hearing from you
         yours sincerely 
Col Pradeep Kapoor
General Secy, Volunteers for the Blind Foundation
D-381, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
Mob - 9910002406, 9313504014 


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