NGO near Mumbai Needs Help on Bakery Recipes

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There is an NGO near Mumbai (Karnala Panchayat, Panvel Taluka, Raigad) named Yusuf Meharally Center. This NGO has a bakery in which they produce some bakery products including bread, cookies and rusk (toats). This bakery is run by people from nearby villages, and the products are sold locally / in Panvel.

The NGO is facing the following requirements pertaining to the bakery:

a. The bread manufactuered by them expires in one day. They need to know the technique to manufacture bread that lasts long (4-5 days).

b. They know very few recipes of making cookies, currently they manufacture only 3-4 types of cookies. They want to know more recipes.

c. They want to know what other products they can manufacture in their bakery.

The NGO uses a fire-wood fuelled oven. They require marketing support and technological updragation; however, the first problem that needs to be solved is regarding the recipes.

A volunteer, who has experience in making good bakery products is required (preferably from Mumbai) is required to solve their problem.

Interested people, please contact me via email / phone


Phone: 91 - 9920516997

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I am a consultant on technology transfer for rural areas. Please visit for more more



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could you ask them to look at this course from NIOS, National Institute of Open Schooling,
They have full year baking course, if not the course you can get their textbook from somewhere, am sure that would give you lot of good information.

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A friend's response:

Am forwarding to a friend who is into baking etc. She's not professional but very experimental in what she does.
Also, no baker myself, but would pass on this bit of advice. No point just pushing for smaller gains on the cookie front. The bread market is changing quite a bit. All kinds of different grains are being used or advertised, at least, and the NGO would do well to find out if there is some way they can make non-refined flour or multigrain bread at cheaper rates.

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Apr 6, 2010

I am a student from Bangalore, who wants to start a
bakery , which is partially run by mentally or physically challenged
people. I am looking for schools or other foundations that cater to such
people and would be interesting in this project. I am also looking for
volunteers in Bangalore who would like to help in this project. A
knowledge of cooking and baking would be appreciated. The people who
will work in the bakery will have to be above the age of 18.
Please do respond. My aim is at uplifting these people and allowing them
to lead a more fulfilling employment.
Pooja Vijay
98452 65395

(Megha, feel free to create this as a new post too, if you want to.)

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