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Has NGO Post helped you or your organization in a way that you would like to tell? NGO Post team members and our readers would love to listen and learn from you. Please share your successful experiences with NGO Post in the discussions of this thread. Your words will keep us motivated for continuously making the site better.

- Your friends at NGO Post.

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I am currently a Phd candidate in Bioinformatics at University of California San Diego. I am from Bharatpur in Rajasthan, and went to Kanpur for an engineering degree in computer science. I have a long-standing interest in web-applications and social work. I have some prior experience in more



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NGO POST is a great platform to exchange ideas and learn from people from different walks of life. Ever since I have been involved with NGO POST, I have learnt about new causes, issues and read a lot of inspiring stories which otherwise I may have not read. I have been able to make new friends online as well as in the field. NGO POST has increased my sense of awareness of a wide range of issues.

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Hi people,
Its time to unfold the actual story behind "Golgappevala" story. Many days back i had created a new thread in NgoPost for this story with url:

If there is something really too good here, i'll say "People" who are involved in NgoPost, who are so passionate that they can make all the efforts to help/direct u and the society to probably the best possible way.
After getting connected with NgoPost, i realized a little change in myself, i started seeing people around me, really! That Golgappevala, a small kid was on the same street from past 1 year; but i must say its NgoPost, which made me to think if i can do something better to make someone's life better, and i did.
The extensive discussion including lot of significant resources, appreciation, little criticism and almost everything which was required for me to take this issue as serious as it could have been for my own kid has laid the actual foundation.
I formatted the whole story into a report and posted it to an NGO which possibly take care of it better than me. And for that kid, i found a good place after a long hunt near a temple which is away from main road avoiding chances of constable to catch him. Hopefully, he has a better condition there. That's all i did... for which definitely NgoPost is somewhere in the picture behind the way i started thinking and the kind of efforts i strted making.
Thanks NgoPost!

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NGOPost is very inspirational. I subscribed to dailydigest and I make sure I read all the stories that I like (social work related).

I share the interesting news in BosF (birdsofsamefeathers), a platform of likeminded groups in Hyderabad.

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I posted a news about one initiative I'm involved in sometime back on NGOPost. Here is the link to the discussion:

The sole idea of using NGO Post was to spread awareness about VKC project and get more volunteers for the project. A day after I submitted the post, we got calls and mails from at least 4 people showing their interest in joining the Ittamadu team.

The response we got shows that stories/news in NGO Post are tracked by many enthusiasts. Four volunteers visited Ittamadu village during the time we had organized painting competition for primary and secondary students. They helped us during the evaluation as well.

Besides helping us to get the volunteers, NGO Post is playing a crucial role in channelizing numerous social initiatives people are involved in. I would term NGO Post as the Knowledge Bank for social initiatives and a one-stop treat for those who wants to know what is happening outside their cubicle.

Last but not the least, the "Like It" concept help good/innovative stories reach everyone eyes and the rest seeks their natural death.

All the best NGO Post team!

I'll surely utilize (exploit? :) ) NGO Post for much more than what I currently do.

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To me NGOpost has been a ground for
- testing and refining my ideas
- finding like-minded people interested in areas of intervention that I am interested in.

NGOpost is an excellent, democratic social network where ideas that are not so widely accepted are as welcome as the conventional ones. As a next step, I think people active in NGOpost should meet up sometime to know better about the others and their interests & initiatives. May be this will help new tie-ups, refinement of ideas that would result in greater social impact!

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For me the need for a single point for all the information has always been a challenge. Most of the information I have is in the form of mail not accessible to anybody. With NGO Post:

1. Such information can now be made available to everybody and with ease.

2. External links that are good can be 'bookmarded' here with appropriate description making it visible to a whole class of users interested in the social sector.

3. The voting mechanism makes good stories more accessible to than the rest creating a kind of filter so it is not merely a database but an efficient one.

4. It is a good tool for networking and has immense potential with more features in future. I am waiting for the time when I can create communities on NGO Post for specific activities/volunteer initiatives.

5. Most media today is looking actively people for doing commendable work in the social sector and NGO Post is now serving a place to look.

6. I have come across a lot of information that has been lost in the deluge of mails. I see the same information brought in by other users one example is -

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Cross-posting a testimonial posted in another story:
Dear Parul,

I would like to thank you and all the team of NGO post for this great platform. You all must have remembered that I had applealed on the NGO post to help our small charity for developing a website, I got number of reply but one gentlman, Mr. Mikael, has made a website for us, this man is contnously helping me and guiding me to maintain our website at wordpress, and I am learning a lot from him. really it has helped us a lot, Now we can tell more people about our work

You can visit to see the website.

Regards to all the team of NGO post

Mamoon Akhtar

Samaritan Help Mission

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NGO post has been a great place to get to know all thats happenning in the NGO world. More directly for Kilikili, of which I am a member, volunteers like Goli and Mayank have been posting their expereinces on NGO Post which has helped us reach a broader audience. They even made a promotional film for us which we hope to use to take the message of inclsuive play to more and more people. Thanks NGO post for all that you do!


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i want to help u for n.g.o., i have an ngo, so can u call me at my number,, my number is 9235109212 and 9889262748

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Hi, can you please suggest which NGO you called for helping the child.I really want to do something for the street kids.

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read toi 23rd inst can india be overtaken by china in english edu. am MA english, unemployed there are others.want to do something about it. can anyone in elementary edu field help.

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hi. i just wanted guidance on opening rural school

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Could you give more details of where and what kind of school you want to open. If you can give more details and submit it as a separate story, you will receive lot of inputs from the community.

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hi i m onkar .my is sangram.sangram is a grassroot level ngo.i isoues is child right, women right & human right. plesesuport my org.....

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Eco-friendly Paper Project In Nepal

We are opening volunteer vacation for all individual who want to came and help for this project. In this project volunteer will work with community. In the project they have work to collect Elephant dung, Selection, Washing dung, cooking in big container, store and put in grinding machine, and collect put in net and place in sun. Volunteer will help them for every work if they need. We hearty well come all individual to come up to and help for the community and share the knowledge about using bio-wastages materials. In This program Volunteer involved about 2 or 3 with hours a day in working. Rest of time volunteer will have opportunity to visit rural community to discover variety of people of Nepal and Nepali culture Volunteer will be placed with Nepali family and also have opportunity to be depth of Nepali culture where all will have time to learn to prepared different Nepali food.

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dear team members
greetings from grameenachaitanya vedika.
we are the recent member of ngopost mailing list .we learn lot tilltoday . it should very use ful for our future attainings
pasupureddi.shankararao chief functionary

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Dear all,

NGO post has been doing a splendid job and we team from Health Systems Research India Initiative would continue to post information on Health Systems in NGO post. We believe there is a need for supporting the public health system in the country in the current movement of "universal health care".

with regards

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happy divali to all

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Namaste Krishna,
how are you, the children, Parvati and her mother? I hope you all are very well and I miss you so much! Thank you so much for all those amazing experiences and the wonderful time I could spend with you, I will never forget you all and you are always in my heart. And thanks a lot for those nice pictures of the children celebrating Holi, I guess they had a lot of fun! Here ist my report, I wrote it in english and german, I hope it is ok!
All best wishes, in love and respect,
your friend Alexandra
Thank you so much!=)
my name is Alexandra and my hometown is Nuremberg in Germany. I´ve been at the Love Orphanage in March 2013. I still hardly can´t believe, how wonderful it was! Thank you so much Krishna, for giving me this amazing chance!
Before I arrived, I was a little bit excited how my daily life would be there and if the children would like me. As it tourned out, there was absolutely no reason to worry. The children and the whole team, consisting of Krishna, his wife, the two housemothers Sanjita and Absara and the teacher Santos, welcomed me with open arms and a bright smile! So it was very easy for me to acclimate. My daily routine was as follows: After a delicious breakfast, prepared by Krishnas lovely wife Parvati, I walked to the orphanage to bring the children to school at ten o´clock. Then I had some free time until 15 o´clock, when I picked up the children from school. After a snack at the orphanage, I learned with the children and helped them with their homework. Then we played, danced or drew until dinner, which I had together with the children. Sanjita is a really great cook! The work with the children is so much fun and really rewarding, I miss them all very much. I just can recommend everybody, who is thinking about volunteering in Nepal, to go there! Pokhara is a beautiful city, surrounded by spectacular nature and there are lots of opportunities to get to know Nepali culture and people. Everyone tried to enable me as many great experiences as possible. But the most amazing thing of all was to meet these cute and adorable children and the whole Love Orphanage team. I am so deeply thankful! It was an experience I will never forget in my whole life and I hope very much I will return one day. If you have any questions, I would be glad to help!
In Peace and Love,

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I am wildlife photogarpher ,I am having an ngo .Our ngo works on enviroment,health and i want your help & gaidence regarding fund riging .

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NGO Post Success Stories and Testimonials

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Please add more movies related to cooking if you have, because I wish for to learn more and more about all recipes of cooking. efdffedbeega

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does anyone by name srinivas is there in this organization

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