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Volunteers for the Blind Foundation, (VBF) is a non profit organization which undertakes rehabilitation for the blind. VBF focuses on all aspects of lives of the visually impaired - including education, recreation, employment. It attempts to provide holistic solutions so that they are not only equipped with the necessary skills for leading their daily lives independently but they also ensure that they carry on with their lives with greater dignity, fulfillment and joy.

We recently met Col. Pradeep Kapoor, Hony General Secretary, who talked to us about their activities. We were really impressed by the great depth and sensitivity of their approach towards understanding the problems faced by the blind and studying and creating solutions for them.

What is Volunteers for the Blind?

Started in 2000, VBF is a non profit organization which undertakes rehabilitation for the blind. Through their huge network, they support visually impaired people and organizations which support the blind. They also undertake studies in order to ensure a better quality of life for the blind. It caters to all the activities and aspects of the visually impaired from all age groups and social structures across India.

What are the activities undertaken by the Volunteer for the Blind Foundation?

Activities for the uplift and betterment of blind people in India
The Foundation undertakes a very wide variety of activities relating to the blind. The following is a partial list of activities VBF has undertaken or promoted in the past, with the help of its very motivated and skilled volunteers:
(a)   Institutional Support, for NGOs across the country.
(b)   Development of technolgy applications.
(c)   Showcasing Talent and Ability amongst the Blind.
(d)   Developments for Books for the Blind.
(e)   Development of income generating and sensitising opportunities.
(f)    Support and assistance for those with multiple handicaps where Blindness is the  common factor.
(g)    Awards and recognition for Blind Achievers; as well as Volunteers, Resource Persons, Administrators, Corporations and NGOs.
(h)   Sharing of views, news, events on issues affecting the Blind.
(i)    Opportunity development with Placement Agencies and JOBNET magazine, in collaboration with a group of 20 NGOs.
(j)    Films which the Blind can “watch” and; films on blind people.
(k)    Photography by the Blind and; of the Blind.


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Thanks Chandni, I shall surely forward the information to the Foundation.

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Thanks, Deepanwita.

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Screening of Iranian Film 'Seven Blind Female Filmmakers' & Opening of Exhibition by Blind Photographers, Jan 11, Bombay

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From: Bombay Hub
Date: 16 February 2010
Subject: Invitation: Blind with Camera Photography Exhibition, Music Performance & Film screening - Sat 20th Feb @ the Hub

Dear All,

The Hub and Blind with Camera are delighted to invite you to a photograph exhibition and film screening. The exhibition will showcase pictures taken by visually impaired people from Mumbai and a film made by blind female film makers from Iran. The event will explore insights into the lives of the blind and raise questions about the nature of visual medium itself.

Saturday 20th February

10:00 AM onwards - Photography exhibition
6:00 PM - Indian classical music by blind artists
7:00 PM - Film screening

The Hub (map attached)

Hope many of you can make it!

Best wishes


The Hub

Tel (office): +91 22 3222 0475

Tel (Alex - Hub Host): +91 90044 84203


The Hub, 4th Floor, Candelar Building, 26 St John Baptist Road, Near Mount Mary Steps, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400 050, India.

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Volunteers For the Blind sounds like a wonderful organization and, as a representative for the Canadian Council of the Blind, we appreciate what you are doing for the blind and visually impaired.

The CCB would like to learn a little bit more about Volunteers for the Blind to see if we may be able to help. I tried to access the website for your organization but it would not direct me to the correct site.

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i want to volunteer for helping the blind how shoul i do that?

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i would like to make 1 suggestion u can ask one of the celebrity say amitabh bacchan or sachin tendulkar to work in an advertisement promoting eye donation awareness.For this the governmaent fionancial aid can also be asked for.

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i want to do work as a volunteer. how can i do it.

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Dear sir/madam deepanwita.
request for the partnership.

i"m excutive director of (Sedra) Somali Environmental Devolopment and Relief Agency. just ilive in Mogadishu city capital of somalia.
i am here by submiting my application to your steemed office.

all in all i want to partnership with you

Eagrly waiting for your kind responses

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I want s to buy a BLIND PERSON FOLDABLE STICK. can any buddy help me

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Yes I know one organization namely "All india confederation for the blind" AICB at ROHINI DELHI where all the equipments needed by blind people ARE AVAILABLE. you can also contact me on phone for details. 9810408150

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I would like to be a part of ur organisation. I m based in mumbai

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i want to work for blind people as a reader. i would like to read for them in marathi, hindi and english. please help me to know where i can do this.

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