NGO Volunteer/Employee Available: A Banking Professional in Bombay

by Chandni on Feb 10, 2012      Category: Others Tags: npsbm

Mail me at chandni_parekh at if you'd like to connect with Gaurav or his father.

From: gaurav
Date: Fri, Feb 10, 2012

Dear Chandni,

I hope this note of mine finds you in the best of everything. This mail to you is asking for a personal favor.

My daddy retired from his Banking Job about a year ago. Since then he has been occupying his time with some personal work. However as i speak to him i realize he is been looking out for a formal Vocation that can add meaning to his retired life. I wanted to check with you as you are well connected with NGOs and other such organizations. It'll be kind if you can help and direct him to a formal body/firm where he can be of some help.

My father has served over decades in the Indian banking industry. With time by his side, he is more than willing to part with his knowledge and share his valuable expertise.  

He is an MA in English literature and has worked as a Librarian in the last few years in the bank. He'd love to teach English or even Hindi at which i must tell you he is excellent. I am of the opinion that guiding students of class 5th or 6th should definitely be manageable for him as he is also willing to brush up for the same. Even if there's a post of Librarian or other such light jobs. I think it'll make him happy and keep him occupied.

Monies are not what he is looking at. If something comes along its great. But its definitely not what is being looked upon.

Direct me and give me a helping hand in finding something for him.

We stay at Goregaon (East). So locations close by would be preferable. If its once or twice a week Andheri or Parle or other such places may also work out. But closer the better.

I'm not sure that a full 8 hour commitment (as a job) would suit him. If it's up to 4 hrs daily or so (part time ) its great. Some volunteering activity once a week or once a month may be good too.

As far as teaching goes, he is open to going to NGOs or Schools to teach, [but not to different homes].

Please share my mail with NGOs and others and I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanks and regards,


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