A no-brainer indeed!

(apalling child labour apart) The other favourite defense of the escapists is the 'creation of jobs' (through crackers). Without this 'employment' (actually exploitation), the toiling kids, they claim, would be worse off. Well, by that logic, we should bring back all banned drugs and promote tobacco/cigarettes! The reason why we don't - and shouldn't - is the knowledge that as long as we don't hoard our money, it will automatically 'trickle' down to the needy, through one route or the other. Our responsibility is is to choose the route that doesn't bring with it the perils of ill-health & deadly accidents! Besides, if one is truly conscious about the poor, not only can the excess money be directed to a few (of the many) genuine initiatives inducing social change; one can also decide to buy largely from small/local entrepreneurs (e.g., cart vendors) to maximize the % of the spent amount reaching the needy.

Anyhow, I will continue to practice and promote total abstinence, which makes my Diwali free of not only crackers, but also decorative lights/diyas. Bulbs are best lit inside the brain, not outside the house :).

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