One Laptop Per Child: Interesting Promotion Strategy

by nitiniitk on Nov 14, 2007      Category: Appropriate Technology Tags: olpc laptop strategy

One Laptop Per Child program (MIT media lab initiative that is making $200 laptops for poor children) has started distributing the laptops. While I continue to be skeptical about the overall utility of the program, I love the way they are promoting the program.

The "give one, get one" strategy allows anyone to pay $400 and get a laptop for themselves while donating one to a needy child. Apparently, the laptops are not available for sale commercially. So this is a good way to encourage the geeks to donate for the cause. By the way, the laptop looks cute, children will love it.

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I don't know whether the laptops reach the needy..
Hunger is the biggest enemy of third world countries.
Once a livelihood is set up for them ..they ca think
about knowledge

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