Pauri Garhwal Group - Project "Lwaly School Awareness Cum Sponsorship Camp & help to 5 girls" - Completion of Projects

Dear Group members!!


Let me first extend my sincere thanks to all of you for joining the Project Team and completing the task successfully.


It gives me immense pleasure to let you all know that I have been part of this mission called PG Group since its inception & enjoying every moment and work done under the banner of PG Group.


So far we have completed similar projects in other three schools namely 1) GIC Puryadaang 2) GIC Gairsain 3) GIC Masi and this was our 4th endeavor completed in Lwali Janta Inter College on 10th / 11th April, 2009. Total students sponsored by PG Group are 23 from above schools and more students will be sponsored by PG Group from Lwali School.


During this “Awareness-Cum-Sponsorship” camp we have completed three major tasks:


Ø      Project “Lwali School” (Student Awareness cum Scholarship Programme)

Ø      Project “Helping Hand” (for financial help to helpless sisters)

Ø      Project “Computer for Shishu Mandir” (for the benefit of the students of Shishu Mandir, Ghandiyal


Career Development


As part of the annual activity of the PG Group, Project “Lwali” was identified for “Social Awareness Camp Cum Sponsorship Programme”. Our honest efforts were well appreciated by people from all walks of life. Such appreciation motivates us to continue our honest efforts towards our community. The main session were on “Education, Guidance & Motivation” for giving the students clear direction for their careers. 



Helping Hand to 5 Poor Orphan Girls



As you all know that recently our members have contributed Rs.30,000/- for the welfare of the 5 orphans girls, who were seeking help from the PG Group. A Cheque for Rs.30,000/- was handed over to the girls in presence of Gram Pradhan, PGG Team, local villagers and Shishu Mandir management at Ghandiyal.


Computer to “Shishu Mandir, Ghandiyal” - by Shri Arun Kavtiyal (PGG Team):



As you may perhaps aware that Shishu Mandir Schools are run by the local villagers and no funding is provided by the government to these schools. There are 350+ poor students studying in this school, which was not having any computer facility. Shri Arun Kavtiyal and PGG Team have donated one computer to this school so that students’ atleast learn the basic tools. It costs approx. 15K.


Cash awards to 3 toppers from Lwali Janta Inter College – Shri Rajiv Naithani (PGG Team)


Shri Rajiv Naithani has given cash awards to 3 bight students, who stood 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the recently held High School board exams. 1st prize of Rs.1000/- was given to Master Ankit Sajwan.  2nd prize of Rs.600/- was given to Km Anuradha Negi and the 3rd prize of Rs.400/- was given to Km Mohini Negi. This work is really appreciable.


Scholarship Programme


We had conducted a simple general knowledge/ Basic English test according to their level / grade. From the 3 schools who had attended the above “Awareness-Cum-Scholarship” Programme, we have already got the list and solved papers, which will be discussed with the PGG Team in Delhi and successful students selected for the sponsorship programme will be sent to the Group and to the principal of the Lwali school alongwith sponsored money. As you know, the following heads are being covered under our scholarship programme:


1)     Tuition fee for 12 months

2)     Books

3)     Stationary Items

4)     School Uniform & shoes

5)     Board fee (wherever applicable).



Thanks to PGG Team:


I am really thankful to the following members, who were part of “Lwali Project Team”:


1) J.S. Bisht (Mumbai) 2) Dr. Juyal (Dehradun) 3) Subhash Pokhriyal 4) Rajiv Naithani 5) Sachidanand Semwal 6) Divakar Uniyal 7) Arun Kavtiyal 8) Pradeep Rawat 9) R.P. Chamoli all from Delhi & help provided by (10) Shri Semwal ji & (11) Panwarji for completing this task.


Myself was also part of above team.


We will be sharing a complete report alongwith videos / pictures with the group members shortly.


Thanks very much for being part of PG Group!!


Thanks & Regards,



Moderator – PG Group!!

New Delhi/09818007079

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