Petition against the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill

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From: "Karuna Raina, Greenpeace India" <>

Our government is churning out one hazardous bill after another. This time it is a bill called the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage, and it's coming up for a vote in a couple of days.[1]

The bill lets U.S. corporations off the hook for any nuclear accidents they cause on Indian soil. They'd only have to pay a meagre amount, and Indian taxpayers would be stuck paying crores for the nuclear clean up and to compensate the victims.[2]

Without any public debate, the Prime Minister is appeasing American interests and ignoring our safety. The Parliament is planning to vote on the bill this week, so we're launching an emergency petition.

Can you sign this petition asking the PM to hold a public consultation before taking a decision on this dangerous bill?

The petition says: "India must hold a public consultation before changing the liability rules for any nuclear accidents caused by U.S. corporations."

The cost of clearing up a nuclear disaster could be enormous—far more than we experienced during the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Yet our leaders have set a compensatory amount lower than the one set for the Bhopal tragedy.

After 25 years, the survivors of the gas leak in Bhopal are still fighting for justice and the companies involved are evading liability. With nuclear plants, the situation becomes graver and it is dangerous to pass a bill with constraints on liabilities.

American corporations cannot reap profits without responsibility. If tens of thousands of us sign this petition before the vote, we'll show our elected leaders we oppose this bill:

Thanks a billion!

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Karuna Raina
Nuclear Campaigner
Greenpeace India

1. "Clouds loom over nuclear liability bill,", March 7, 2010

2. "Nuclear Liability Bill ignores Finance, Environment Ministries' objections," The Hindu, March 8, 2010

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This is very important. The bill is a bad one for many reasons.

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Its very interesting when the US govt says that they will "put the boot on BP's neck" for the oil spill damages ( numbers being quoted are in billions !) and on the other hand we say capping liability is important to bring in investments !!!

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