Policing the Police and the Corrupt in India

by mynk on Sep 03, 2008      Category: Governance Tags: corruption police mumbai

A very interesting initiative for the retired elderly. I think they are the ones with a lot of time and experience to bring about a much needed change in the society - extremely under uitilized section of potential volunteers. This is the first initiative I know looking out for volunteer who have retired. Policing the Police & the Corrupt Setting the Corrupt officials and Rogue Police Officers in Mumbai or any other large city in the country, to change their ways, is not difficult. Needed is will power, devotion of time (4-8 hrs a Month) and the confidence that it can be done. There is a massive force in Mumbai and in many other cities, which needs to be tapped. The force I am referring to, is young elderly people who have either taken VRS, or have just retired age 58. All those who are healthy up to 65-70 yrs could join in a crusade to make the corrupt rogues shiver. Mind you, I am referring to highly experienced, highly qualified Retiree Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Police Officers, Judges, Army men, Teachers and Businessmen, people who are financially self sufficient. Who do not know what to do, with time on their hands. Join in At Facebook This segment of people are at a point in life, where they see no goals to achieve, see no purpose in going on living. If a noble goal of reforming the Corrupt and Police in India is shown to them, they will feel rejuvenated, they will find a purpose in life, and believe me all it will take is 21 or more elderly people to keep tabs on each Police station in their own area only. A committee of 5 or 7 or 9 could be formed in each police station area, to look into serious lapses on the part of the local police station and corrupt government departments. A force like this will sent the corrupt running for cover. Yes, it will take a bit of organising. Which experienced people will not find difficult. If I alone, at age 58 can take on the rogues at Khar police station, and send them scurrying, think what 21 or more can do together. If you believe, what is stated above is possible and you would like to be a part of it, send me a mail at ikchhugani@yahoo.com . Very soon an ad campaign will be launched to start such a force in Mumbai.... Also please inform your friends, who might be interested. These pursuits may not be rewarding financially. However, they are a source of immense happiness and fulfilment, which is the core desire of all human beings. Sometimes you may even spend some money from your own pocket to benefit others. Remember: There is no joy like the joy of serving others.

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Interested in the development sector and hoping to use the skills to create a positive impact......read more



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really a very inspiring initiative. We need to put more stories from them to inspire other people.

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