Potenco: Pull cord based portable power generator

by ameetdesh on Sep 24, 2007      Category: Energy Tags: energy technology appropriate portable cheap

This innovative gizmo, which will power OLPC 100$ laptops from MIT, is useful in almost any remote power applications. It harnesses full 60W from hand muscles, and one minute of using it can power * 20 minutes of talk time on a mobile phone * 1 hour of ultrabright LED flashlight use * 3 hours play time on an iPod Shuffle (about one pull per song) and finally *6 min of OLPC laptop use, which right now consumes 10W. Their target is 2W. When that happens, you only need to crank for 2 mins to get hour of running laptop. Here is info about OLPC's power consumption.

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I am doctoral student at UC San Diego. I am interested in Economics and role of appropriate Technology in development and education. With the internet, the world has become a small place, with best practices in various fields accessible at mouseclick. In future I would like to play such rolw of a cr.....read more



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This sounds too good to be true. Pretty neat! :)

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