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 .; People in developing countries are still struggling to ensure a better quality of life. Poverty, illiteracy of the population, unemployment, unawareness & ignorance, lack of infrastructural facilities and an over-burdened health care system makes the task all the more difficult. Hence, it is very essential that there should be some special activities with especially motivated and enthusiastic persons who can be geared to handle and tackle these burning issues. Moreover, it is a moral responsibility of all of us to help the people who are in need, in leading a normal and quality of life as far as possible.   

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a more diresctive guidelines will clarify further

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According to World Health Organization about 50 percent of Africans suffer from cholera and diarrhea. A child dies every three seconds from AIDS and extreme poverty, often before their fifth birthday.

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Africa - Its very sad to read about the tragic situation of the children in Africa. Why can't Bill Gates and Warren Buffet extend their support in this continent instead of giving it to countries where it is not required.

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