Project proposal for Tree Plantation at Gunjurpalya Urban Forest

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Project proposal for Tree Plantation at Gunjurpalya Urban Forest


To plant 1000 saplings so as to get a dense cover in the forest as is in the nearby counterpart (kindly check the image below). The rains are getting infrequent and we have permissions for planting only in this month. So we need to plant the same in next few weeks before September end. The presentation attached along with gives further details and the document is provided by the forest department with their intention.

About us

There are several groups doing tree plantations and we wanted to create one that focuses on the success rate of the trees planted. We ensure we take larger saplings which have a higher chance of survival and also tie up with somebody to take care of the young plants. Kindly note that we are procuring leaf mulch and panchagavyam at a discounted price from the Zero Waste Management project at NGV which is a unique attempt in its own right. All in all we are trying to create a win win project for everybody which will be worth the support we seek. This is a purely volunteer driven effort and we tie up with the NGO Youth For Seva for the formal receipts. You can check details of other projects done at


The area to be greened is marked by green rectangle in the image below -


The area just above the meeting point geo-located below is the target area -

Google<br />


We need about Rs 200 per sapling which includes the cost of transportation, maintenance, labor, etc that is planted. We have already planted 250 saplings and we are looking at 750 more. We need help with -

1. Funding for the saplings
2. Volunteers to help plant the saplings

All the funds are used for procuring the saplings and most of the things are taken care of by the forest department keeping the costs to minimum. They have already dug up 1000 pits for us to plant the saplings making the job much easier.

Hit Ratio

The key focus is on the survival rate of the saplings. We are using saplings that are over 8 feet in height as can be seen in the picture below -

Additionally, the forest department will take care of the saplings so as to ensure higher success rate. We are using leaf mulch to help the sapling grow better too.


Approximately 300 trees can counter balance the amount of pollution 1 person produces in life time.

A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. So two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four.

One tree removes about 1 ton of CO2 per year.

One person causes about 10 tons of carbon dioxide to be emitted a year.Planting 10 trees per person will remove each person's carbon debt for the year.


We can work on media coverage if the sponsors are interested. All events are documented as can be seen from the snaps from previous events. With corporate sponsors each sapling carried the name tags for employees who planted the sapling.


All the updates are circulated on the below lists

Pictures from previous plantations

September 3rd
September 10th

HSBC Plantation


For further details please contact Balbir Bora @ +919739093665/

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