[SRMAB] Proposal for Biogas Plant and Vermicomposting Unit at a school for Visually Challenged

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We want to reduce the costs of the organizations and come up with ways to bring in additional funds by training people. The idea is documented here - http://ngopost.org/story/ideafactory-creating-ecosystem-making-ngos-self... For a prototype we have chose *Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind* (SRMAB) doing amazing work. For details about the organization please visit - http://www.srmab.org.in/ Attached along with is the proposal for setting up a Biogas Plant and Vermicomposting Unit at this school. In future we hope to even partner with an organization to see if we can help them grow their own food on the terrace paving their path to self sufficiency. If this approach is successful we like to try the same at ACCEPT Society and many other such organizations. *An excerpt about the organization from their website * *SRMAB in Bangalore * *** Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind* (SRMAB) is the humble creation of a group of visionaries. SRMAB was founded in 1969 with the motto "Service to Humanity is service to God by Sri. T V Srinivasan, Late Sri. Thirumurthy and friends. Over the past 4 decades of involvement in service, SRMAB has conceived its strategy based on data collected. In a developing country like India where *persons with disabilities constitute about 5.21% of the total population of the country*, the challenges faced are acute and innumerable. Image 40% of the country's population lives below poverty line, with*only 2% of disabled children having access to education and approximately 80% of disabled population being unemployed*. One out of every five persons below the poverty line is disabled. Wide spread ignorance, lack of awareness, nutrition, unhygienic conditions, pre-natal and post natal care, accidents, lack of proper health facilities and many more reasons cause disabilities, especially among the poor. The existing physical, social and attitudinal barriers increase the challenges faced by persons with disabilities. Considering all these factors, the Academy designs programs to address and redress the need of persons with disabilities within the community.

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